I Am In Tears (Faded?)

I did this for the Fox who sent me an email.
He wanted me to throw this up as an entry.
I was not going to, but I felt everyone needed a laugh this early morning.

Ya know…
I have been in and out of studios for the last couple weeks.
I know some people who can hook me up with a hot track if I wanted.
You don’t see me getting my ass on the mic though.
I be TEMPTED to drop a hot 1, 2 for ya’ll asses.
But, the world does not need to hear my classically trained voice.


This right here…
Is a hot fucking mess…


I do NOT see it for him as a rapper.

The last one was worst.
This one was absolutely niggerish.
Seriously, where is he going with this?

Model? Yes (I think).
Rapper? Stop.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “I Am In Tears (Faded?)”

  1. Lol I love how attractive people think they can do anything! Please just sit back and rely on those looks as long as you can while the rest who have more to offer put in work.


  2. This has got to be a joke, right? Dis lil n*gga ain’t even cute to me anymore…He needs to go saddown, stop talking/rapping/singing/whatever. Try & look pretty again.

  3. Jesus be a reality check. I blame Worldstarhiphop for this fuckery, they let anyone with a video camera drop a video so I know he is going to be under their unsigned hype video category before I can finish typing this. He needs to sell that ass on Craiglist cause rapping aint in ya future son Well hell it might be since its so many other terrible gimmicks out here right now. I guess all he needs is one hit. He needs a “ho sit down”!

  4. if hes going to rap atleast come with something different!! Im so tired about of hearing how a nigga so high and fucking a ho. I mean thats good and all but im tired of being fed applejacks when i want me some greens, chitlins, and cornbread. Maybe he should become a porn star he would definitely get a bigger fan base lmao. When will this sideshow end? I finally seen some of the contestants on american idol and is that all they could find. Im glad i dont watch that mess. Ill be glad when real talent comes back or rather is encouraged.

  5. ……. I’m not one to crush anothers dream but my dude stick to lookin pretty and social media. I mean that was wack as a wine coller in a b.y.o.b party oh yea that’s what they was “sippin” on. He was so fine when I first saw him then he opens his mout and ruined it for me. And FYI dude if you gona smoke a fake blunt make it look realistic. Just know real weed smoke is a lot heavier than tobacco smoke and atleast rub some pepper in ya eyes to make them look red. Reason #385 why I refuse to get a twiter page, stupid ass people with stupid ass hobbies

    1. ^he suffered from the Amber Rose syndrome.

      Shoulda kept the mystery alive.
      He is so lame.
      Good eye on that weed omg.
      I use to smoke and was around heavy smokers.
      He don’t even look high.

  6. Okay… LOL

    What is it about him that makes him so fine? He’s…basic, like bum on the street basic, like dude harassing you for change in front of the grocery store basic.

    I couldn’t pick him out of a tatted up yella boy line up if I tried.

    Yall created this monster.

    1. ^you cannot tell me that he is not attractive.

      As he became more accessible,
      Then that is how you could tell he was a bum (his clothes, the video of his house when he was dancing) and basic (the rapping and all the tweets).

      We may have created a monster,
      But he forgot he was a lame trying to be a sex symbol.

      As Wolfie would say, *shrug*.

      1. Hell yea that nigga is fine, I can’t deny how attractive he is. Anybody can rap. He should be a model or something, but he needs to get rid of that fucked up attitude first.

  7. The Man :
    Hell yea that nigga is fine, I can’t deny how attractive he is. Anybody can rap. He should be a model or something, but he needs to get rid of that fucked up attitude first.

    Dude isn’t really model material. He’s 21 or 22 I believe so his ass needs to be in college!

      1. His body is nicer than your average, but by no means is it sculpted and defined enough to be a model and like Random said there’s nothing particularly striking about him.

        He’s just an attractive dude, nothing more or less. There are tons of dudes just like him on instagram and tumblr.

  8. This was so Bone Thugs-N-Harmony-ish, with the exception that they had talent. He is fine as hell, but he needs to give this up like two weeks ago. He needs to just circulate some dick and ass pics and call it a day.

  9. His rapping leaves a lot to be desired. His flow is average, so that’s not really the problem.
    It’s his lyrics and the tone of his voice.

  10. The Man :
    What do you mean he’s not model material? His body is nice as hell.

    Being a model is more than that.
    Most models (male and female) aren’t really—cute. At least not conventionally cute. They usually have something about them that makes them—funny looking.
    This guy is attractive in a basic kind of way.

  11. Damn he couldnt even do an outfit change for the video… same basic ass wifebeater and cargos… No swagg at all… SMH

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