Lay Down Some Rubber: (34)

Let’s proceed to the next LDSR, shall we?

I don’t know if ya’ll eat Popeyes.
(I am a SUCKA for their biscuits.)

Well they usually ask which of the 2 do you prefer:


Well what a coinky dink for today’s foursome round…






Who would you lay down some rubber for?

Author: jamari fox

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30 thoughts on “Lay Down Some Rubber: (34)”

  1. I’ll take D. I love me a fine dark-skinned man. He’s so damn dark mmmm, and that body is sick.

      1. *Hi-fives back*

        Yeah he has that personal trainer look like he can work you out in more ways than one

  2. I would take A if he’s willing to bend over, but he doesn’t fit the look. Since it’s just a snack box, I’ll take B.

  3. I choose A all day. Commin from the original state where popeyes stated I know a few things about chicken and I like thick dark meat.

    hey southerners isn’t Popeyes different in the south than the north??

    1. I live up north, but I’ve had it in the south plenty of times, and YES, it definitely tastes better down there.

    1. Right and the north south thing is the seasonings. When I went to NY I went to a Popeyes and got a 2 peice dark spicy with fries and a extra biscute. We almost got arrested cause I was demanding spicy and it tasted like milde bland. Just like up north y’all McDonalds don’t have hot and spicy Cajun chicken sandwiches

      1. I don’t know about McDonald’s chicken. I only drink the tea. The foods makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. A jumped out at me; we could still have some fun even if he doesn’t lift his legs. I’d take A here, and D to go. I like dark meat…

  5. A all day. Looks like Columbus Short a lol bit.

    BCD could stand to gain about 20 pounds each.

  6. Jamary: good evening can i have your order pleas?
    David: yeas hottie can i have A,B AND C?
    Jamary: happy meal or value meal?
    David: 5some pleas!!! loooll

  7. ooh darling i forgot the chocolate shake,
    Jamary: the D cup?
    Dvid : ohh yeah the D! cup!

  8. YngBlkWolf :
    Biased? How so? My only bias is towards foxes & hybrids…lol

    LOL. Did you not say that you were dark-skinned in a past post?

    1. Did I? I’m more brown (or medium tone), but I like all shades; so if you’re lighter I’d still holla BBB 😉

      1. Cool. At first glance, you’d probably think I was stuck up and unapproachable. I get that a lot. It’s just a facade and keeps the jerks away.

  9. A looks like there’s a lot of emotional issues, he’d want to get sum and attach himself. darkies.
    B dresses nice, could be a friend too , the rest are just there

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