meek mill said that the sex in atlanta will have him saved in 2021

i guess he wants to experience a little more until then?
those eyes have seen some thangs apparently.

i have heard a lot of things about atlanta.
the christian folks say it’s a modern-day sodom and gomorrah down there.
isn’t that the whole world at this point?
i’ve heard that the sex life in atl is on another level.
the level of smut that you can find yourself in…

meek mill posted this on his twitter…

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What’s Dez Bryant Got to Do With It?

tumblr_mkpol83ey61qk5j8to2_500a whole fuckin’ lot,
that’s what!
you already know.

he still remains one of the favorites inside the foxhole.
he always seem to drip chocolate everywhere…

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You’re Dark Skinned So I’m Not Even Interested In You.

i caught up with a sista friend yesterday.
when we talk,
it is always a deep conversation about life.
my favorite!
the topic was black people.
we got onto the subject of skin color.
she said that if beyonce was as dark as her,
she would not have nearly the amount of success that she has.
“i kinda agree”.
she also pondered why these sistas in the industry always dye their hair blonde?
i often wondered myself because many of them looking stunning with darker hair.
before we hung up,
she said i should thank my parents i am able to “pass“.
“life is not to kind to dark berries,” she said.
that part left me confused…

… but i got it.
i wanted to say it hasn’t got me a job,
but whatever.
i started to wonder if the lighter the skin,
the more open the magic door of acceptance?
would life,
according to her,
be amazing if you “pass“?…

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What Belongs To Amare Stoudamire Is Currently Sinking

new york is a mess.
buses and trains are a mess.
lower manhattan is still a mess.
amare stoudamire felt it like everyone else.
he had no electricity for a while,
and his jeep is currently, “under the sea“…

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Lay Down Some Rubber: (34)

Let’s proceed to the next LDSR, shall we?

I don’t know if ya’ll eat Popeyes.
(I am a SUCKA for their biscuits.)

Well they usually ask which of the 2 do you prefer:


Well what a coinky dink for today’s foursome round…

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