What’s Dez Bryant Got to Do With It?

tumblr_mkpol83ey61qk5j8to2_500a whole fuckin’ lot,
that’s what!
you already know.

he still remains one of the favorites inside the foxhole.
he always seem to drip chocolate everywhere…

tumblr_mkpol83ey61qk5j8to1_500i wonder what that:

In-Line_Pipe_Heater_from_Convectronics…be like?

i would hate if he looks like that and it’s “eh i had better“.
sadly you’ll have to ask her what that thang be like:

35jjzhy i40rnocute vixen,
ain’t she?
she ain’t me,
but she’ll have to do.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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