Who Woulda Thunk Home Depot Had All Kind of Woods, Drills, and Pipes?

“so i take it we not fuckin?”

bye astro-wolf.
that was the text i got at 7am this morning.
i ignored it.
that makes about 7 random texts i have ignored.
he still don’t know why either.
he should ask whoever texted me asking who i was…

this week has been an emotional roller coaster.
i have been in a “blah going into bad” mood since monday.
i’m not happy for some reason.
well it could be wanting more from my life.
feeling lost as hell.
i have been praying constantly for better,
and i seem to still moving slowly.
i look around and everyone else seems to be reaping.
yeah yeah,
i know i shouldn’t do that.
i’m thankful for my blessings.
i show god how much i am.
i even pay my tithes,
but is it wrong to want more?

i needed to cheer myself somehow.
i usually take long walks when i need to think.
if i had a car,
and more money,
i’d be at woodbury commons doing some outlet shoppin’.
i would have had some good music bumpin on the way there.
for now,
it’s put these headphones in my ears and hop on the train.
i needed to get a lock for my gym locker,
so i decided to go to the home depot in brooklyn.
i figured the travel would allow me to think a lot better.
plus i usually don’t go down “there”,
so i figured why not.

who knew so many fine ass wolves worked in home depot!!

tumblr_mkdrliLjba1r06b9zo1_500this one short thick wolf with a nice little chest and rump
was checkin me too.
too bad he was helping some older white wolf with drills.
i usually don’t really have a reason to go in home depot,
but i may need to.
i may have to ask questions about wood.
you know…
height questions.
as i walked around looking for this lock,
because obviously i can’t read signs,
i started seeing the type of shit i’d want in my “home”.
my dream home.
i started to look at the refrigerators,
the stoves,
and the washers/dryers.
i even went and looked at the chandeliers.
it made me happy.
i forgot all about lack and started thinking about abundance.
i have been so annoyed with money and bills,
i had to realize:

1) i’m pretty damn blessed as is.
2) it’s coming.

i don’t know how or when,
i just know it will.
i have to believe.
i even took pictures of what i was looking at:

i thought of iceed when i saw this:

photo 3funny enough,
when i was walking back to the train to go home,
this spanish wolf was pushing a baby stroller with his baby mama.
she was fat.
he was out of shape.
i wasn’t interested in him,
but i did look into his eyes as he was walking towards me.
he proceeded to lick his lips,
point them forward,
and smile.


tumblr_m6h84mAoMS1rwcc6bo1_500she was looking in another direction.
aren’t they always?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

17 thoughts on “Who Woulda Thunk Home Depot Had All Kind of Woods, Drills, and Pipes?”

  1. Damn, that dude is still trying to get some? I didn’t know people were that thirsty

    Oh and you’re back in the gym? That’s good to hear.

    S/N: You should have licked your lips back at the out of shape Wolf:P. On some real shit tho, your dream man may not be fine and with a six pack.

    1. ^he got me ready to change my number.
      …and touche man!
      that last comment i left about magic’s son.
      dude’s baby mama was shaped like a lineman.
      im sure she would have tackled my ass with no issue.

      1. I’m surprised that he is coming at you the way he is. How could a person be so vulgar? Who does that? I wish a nigga would ever…I’d lay him out for coming at me like that.

        1. ^it is so weird.
          the thing that kills me is he has someone else.
          why is he even chasing me like this?!
          that is what is suspect about this whole thing.
          a number change is about to be in the works.

  2. Wow!! J, the exact same thing happened to me at work today…snow wolf and I locked eyes and dude licked his lips!! I thought I was imaging things… Definitely not into snow bunnies, but it made me realize that Damn I’m hot!!!! Lol y’all have a great day and Mr. Fox, in the immortal word of The Poet:keep your head up!

      1. No… You saw the wrong one… My movie is the Hollow… With the guy walking on the train tracks.. Sorry forgot there was another Hollow on Netflix

  3. Well sorry it dont bother me i comfortable with me, if you willing to expose that you a a wolf to take a look at me why would be mad i just know i doing something right for him to stop watch his girl to focus on me.Is more a insult to his girl what i know i not interested in guys with babies or baby mamas but they free to watch. But its sad more str8 men pay attention to me than wolfs on our team sad but true.Why is that J

  4. I needed this message… I have been stressed tf out lately and wanting more in my life without even being thankful for what I already have.

  5. Jamari, if you’re a customer and spent a couple minutes or probably an hour, try working alongside said sexy wolves for 8 hours x 5 days a week! Don’t know if you were in my store or another but there really are some fine ass wolves. No lie. As for Spanish dude, he was just trifflin’. I’ve learned that a simple thing as waking up, we are already blessed. Some people didn’t live to see today for whatever reason. So all that you’re hopeful and prayerful for will come in time.

    1. ^who knew home depot was an untapped resource?
      i may need to go in there to get nailed…
      i mean,
      get some nails!

      another untapped resource: best buy.

      btw good advice jake!

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