future been single for 4 years (what joie chavis talmbout?)

future and his sex game must be sensational.
i don’t get it,
but to each their own.
so as you know,
joie chavis is allegedly pregnant with his cub.
she is bow wow’s baby mama as well.
she celebrated it with this dance routine:

now i thought they were together,
but the crazy part is,
he claims otherwise.
this is what he posted on his twitter

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Joie Chavis Might Have A Bundle of Subs For Her Future IG Stories

she must be a slow learner.
so i hate when folks preach one thing,
but end up make dumb ass decisions.
we all do dumb shit,
but it’s another level to be making “dumb ass decisions”.
it’s when you out here moving so stupidly and taking obvious “L”s.
i often wonder…

Where are your damn friends?
Where are ya aunties and uncles?
Where ya mama?

i’m talking to you miss joie chavis.
she is…

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I Can’t Feel My Winky or Wipe My Own Ass Anymore

karaoke and i usually have the most intense conversations.
that is what i love.
good animals and good talk.
we get into a subject that would open up for an interesting debate today.
the topic was about the future and relationships.
of course.
she said something that made me stop what i was doing.
she said…
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The Vixens Are Going To Want A Pipe Sample In The Future

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 8.24.48 PMi always got this impression future had some good pipe.
hell ciara confirmed it for us.
*waves* hi c…
he seems like the type you put in the “fwb” category.
the wolf you let smash because he was “there” and it turned out to be good.
real good actually.
so you keep on doing it until you get married or saved.
you know those types.
one of the f-bi sent me a treat today.
it’s a groupie on future’s alleged dick report for our review from balleralert.
lets take a look shall we….
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I Love To Ask Wolves Nasty Questions

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.06.26 PMi have a dream…
no i’m not gonna bust out with a mlk speech.
i like to ask questions.
you know this.
i’m a fox.
i’m nosy.
i really want to ask questions no one else is asking.
one of my dreams is to ask anonymous baller wolves
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“It’s A Badge Of Honors To Bees A Baby Mamas”

28lrmlcCiara on the photo that she took with Future’s kids mothers ( 4 baby mamas):

This is my family. They are amazing women. I like to say they are. I wanted to capture the moment of all of us being together, and shed the light on what it is with my family. It’s kind of a blended family concept and I wanted to shed the light on that because it’s so beautiful.

It’s all about love and it’s all about positivity and that’s what I’m about. His family is my family. Anyone that comes with him, it has to be love and that’s the same for me. So that’s how I live.

You know you can’t over think things. When things are right and people can have their own way of how they look at things, and how they want to judge and speak on something but you know what something is and that’s what matters.

my response

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