I Love To Ask Wolves Nasty Questions

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 10.06.26 PMi have a dream…
no i’m not gonna bust out with a mlk speech.
i like to ask questions.
you know this.
i’m a fox.
i’m nosy.
i really want to ask questions no one else is asking.
one of my dreams is to ask anonymous baller wolves

after that demarco murray situation earlier,
it made me curious.
if you listen to the average dude’s “sex stories”,
you are often time left shocked,
if not confused.
maybe even slightly aroused.
listen dudes do some real triflin’ shit for sex.
my straight wolf friends are out of control.
i want to interview baller wolves,
all of which will be anon for their privacy,
and ask them…


tumblr_nfumzvucFD1si245xo1_400i want to hear the responses.
i want to hear who banged whose mama or team owner’s wife,
who made some groupie do something perverted,
and how many of them have every messed with another dude.
in a perfect world,
these would be baller wolves i knew personally.
i plan on knowing everyone.
i want the foxhole to be like a underground exclusive club for “us”.
baller wolves who get down and trust me that i won’t out their names.
that would make for an amazing entry,
wouldn’t it?
tumblr_me9pu71FSK1qjjr39o1_500…yeah it damn sure would.

11 thoughts on “I Love To Ask Wolves Nasty Questions

  1. I had sex with my first boyfriend’s daddy and one of his brothers! I was 21 and his dad was about 50 and fine as hell. I was at his son’s apartment when he came over to visit. Dad was built like Michael Jai White with a big chest and thick thighs. He was wearing a tight golf shirt and a pair of shorts and I could see his big dick bulging thru. Next thing I knew he was rubbing his groin across my butt and stroking my dick. We started tongue kissing, I pulled up his shirt and I started licking his chest and nipples. He was hairy chested and his body was pretty hairy all over. I stroked his dick and he pulled it out and I started sucking it and his balls. I was licking his thighs and just kissing him all over. He then bent me over pulled down my pants, fingered me, ate me out and fucked me doggy style. It was sooooo good!! Not too long after that I met my boyfriend’s 18 yr old brother. He was a freshman home from college. Tall and athletic. Lean muscles. Hairy as well. He was at my boyfriend’s apartment. I went over and he was there,shirtless, wearing baggy basketball shorts and drinking beer. He was constantly grabbing his dick thru the shorts, taking a sip and licking his lips. I laughed and he stood up holding his dick and said what’s funny. I said nothing and then he just took his dick out and showed it to me. Then he pointed at it smiling. I was on my knees sucking and licking and kissing it before I knew it. He was forcing it down my throat and just laughing. He pushed me down to the floor on my stomach, slid down my pants and stuck that monster in. He was rough but I liked it. The funny thing is some time later, my then boyfriend said ” I know you fucked my daddy and my brother!! LOL!!

    1. none of the people I know have “hot dads”…but they DO have sisters and brothers that are fine as hell!! Most of them are too young though. LOL

  2. I bet you would like to ask them dirty questions. When it’s all said and done, you might be trying to get yourself a sample lol.

  3. WHY does that first pic look JUST like me? I had to do a double take… 😮 😯

  4. Yes. Tho I’d hope their gay experience wasn’t just the typical ratchet bottom giving em head. When women experiment with other women, they go all out. Licking, sucking, munching, fucking. Where as most men just get some head from other dudes. I wanna hear detailS.

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