The New “Ciara” Has Arrived?

ciarareplacedi remember when i first heard “goodies”.
it was in the club.
i was like:


this is before the power of shazaam and “siri what song is this?”.
i never heard a song like that before.
i liked how she sung-talked.
the beat was stupid ridiculous.
“1, 2 step” use to play at every party i went to.
so i got the album first day and wore that shit out.
i had all the unreleased tracks and everything.
“promise” came out next album and that was it.
she was out here looking like aaliyah’s southern cousin.
“like a boy” and “thats right” followed right after.
before i knew it,
i was lowkey stannin’ for her.
ask me what happened to her career?

go head.
ask me.
okay i’m glad you asked…

2013-07-04_Heath_Bell_says_a_bad_worda series of bad decisions and terrible songs.
i also heard her attitude was disgusting.
she started hanging tough with them kardashians and well…
well i watched this performance last night on the soul train awards.
i had to ask:

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 9.37.19 PM Is this Ciara’s replacement?

…because she damn near kilt that.

lowkey: i have tinashe’s album and i have yet to listen to it.
is it good?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The New “Ciara” Has Arrived?”

  1. To be honest…I’m not feeling Tinashe’s CD. I see her as a one hit wonder.
    But on the subject of Ciara, she just needs the right producer to put her back out there. One thing she needs to give up though is the stripper routine. It’s tired…and it makes her look stank, not sexy at all. She can dance her ass off without the stripper pole routine. Her last video, Got Me Good, showcases that brilliance.

    1. I agree 100 percent with The Man here , she’s just a little lost trying to find her way. And yes she killed that got me good video.

  2. She did her thing I can see the Ciara comparisons something about her reminds me of Mya too. Beautiful girl & i watched her interview on the breakfast club she’s super sweet.

    1. Yeah I love how she can get on a stage and kill it with sex appeal and killer dance moves but be so cute, quirky and kinda shy in interviews.

  3. I’ve heard of Tinashe but haven’t listened to any of her music. Yes, Ciara fell the fuck off. You are right tho. Her efforts after Promise were boring and lackluster. I hate to hear when celebrities get big heads, especially when they’re not that talented at what they do. Ciara went the way of Jennifer Lopez. Calling a limo to take her ass down the damn street. SMH These so called stars I tell ya. I don’t even feel bad for their failing brands after hearing about the way they treat people. J-Lo of all people. She’s lucky American Idol gave her a little bit of relevancy back. Some of my family members have been around celebrities. For some reason, they always demand you not look them in the eyes. I don’t know what that’s about. Must be some Illuminati shit.

    1. ^i heard they say that before they perform.
      they don’t want to feel nervous or some garbage.
      that makes no sense because they will have to stand on a stage with a million eyes looking at them.

      maybe they don’t want people to see the sadness?

  4. i don’t see it Tinashe is more sexual and sensual..Ciara can be sexy like on Body Party video or she can go hard in like on Gimme Dat video, and etc…I feel like Ciara isn’t done yet…artists like Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, even Tina Turner had decades where they just fell off and they made comebacks…i feel the reason why many black female singers CAN’T win because if you’re name isn’t Rihanna or Bey the radio doesn’t really play it…we have a plethora of male r&B singers but on the female front it’s like we only highlight and support the same kinds of artists….and it’s ironic because yrs ago when Rihanna and Ciara first debuted if you would have told me Ciara would be here and Rihanna would be huge yrs ago i would have laughed but like i said Ciara can still comeback and no female is touching her dancing wise…and i feel Basic Instinct the album that came out in 2010 had a few songs that could have been singles besides”Ride”, “Run It” was my jam i STILL play that it’s a perfect slow jam…Ciara need’s to make an album with Timbaland and Missy…Timbaland worked on Justin Timberlake’s first solo effort along with Pharrell and the rest is history, he even worked with Nelly Furtado on her album Loose that came out in 2006, which i still play, that album was a COLOSSAL hit almost going diamond…she just needs better producers and people to support her..i hate these ‘fans’ that are always online on twitter and IG but yet they’re not buying their fav musics…one thing i can say about the Navy and the Beyhive we go support our artist..SN: i’ve purchased Ciara’s last three cds and i enjoyed them, especially Ciara that dropped last summer…

    1. Malcolm…I thought the same thing about Rihanna and Ciara. I said these chicks have these hit songs but they will be one hit wonders.

  5. I thought it was that Ciara was almost in BeyoncĂ©’s space, and so Rihanna happened and then Ciara ceased to happen but idk

  6. Y isn’t the foxhole not showing Ms.Kachingwe (Tinashe) any love? I have the CD (Aquarius) , please go cop! I’ve met her twice thru a mutual friend and she is a VERY sweet, humble chick. Standouts on the album are “Bet” ft. Dev hynes “2 on” “All Hands on Deck” and the best track in my opinion is deff “THUG CRY” please give it a listen.

  7. I agree with @frostyandfoxy…Tinashe’s best work so far is in her mixtapes. Been watching her for awhile tho and can see her growth as a performer. If she keeps growing (and gets the right people behind her) she could surpass Ciara (who killed her career with stagnation) with her second album. Good luck Tinashe! We need another dancing chick besides the heffa from Houston and Rhianna…New to the site, think I may stick around. Good work, Jamari….

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