ari lennox quits music? (she better TF not)

you know i love ari lennox.
i met her and damn near fell in love.
well she has allegedly quit her music career.
it all started because of her loss at the “soul train awards“.
this is what she had to font on her twitter

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The New “Ciara” Has Arrived?

ciarareplacedi remember when i first heard “goodies”.
it was in the club.
i was like:


this is before the power of shazaam and “siri what song is this?”.
i never heard a song like that before.
i liked how she sung-talked.
the beat was stupid ridiculous.
“1, 2 step” use to play at every party i went to.
so i got the album first day and wore that shit out.
i had all the unreleased tracks and everything.
“promise” came out next album and that was it.
she was out here looking like aaliyah’s southern cousin.
“like a boy” and “thats right” followed right after.
before i knew it,
i was lowkey stannin’ for her.
ask me what happened to her career?

go head.
ask me.
okay i’m glad you asked…
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