ari lennox quits music? (she better TF not)

you know i love ari lennox.
i met her and damn near fell in love.
well she has allegedly quit her music career.
it all started because of her loss at the “soul train awards“.
this is what she had to font on her twitter

so here is the thing…
you make a bomb album,
or create a great piece of work,
and it gets snubbed at an award show.
it hurts because you believe your shit needed all the flowers.

You know how many great albums have never won any awards,
but it resonated with fans on a deeper level?

remember this moment:

don’t even get me started when they invited rihanna and gave her nothing for “anti”.


this is how the industry is and will be.

personally she shouldn’t quit.
i haven’t quit.
i feel her on not being cool enough,
but these awards barely mean anything these days.
half this shit is alleged bought.
it’s all about the quality of work you put out for those who fuck with you.
if beyonce got in her feelings every time she lost an award,
we wouldn’t be able to witness her continuous greatness.

we won’t get recognized for what we do.
i watch folks choose others and snub me on the daily.
it can hurt the ego a lil bit,
just a lil bit,
but it’s quite okay.
as long as your fans and stans support you,
that’s all you need.
if what you do is your passion,
winning an award shouldn’t validate your existence.

i encourage the foxhole to check out ari’s album,
shea butter baby“.
it’s nothing short of amazing.

low-key: j cole been snubbed plenty of times,
but it hasn’t stopped his bag.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “ari lennox quits music? (she better TF not)”

  1. Twitter will be the death of many of stars. Some people need better teams in place to protect them from this kinda bullshit. I didn’t hear or see anything too special about her so I don’t get the hype. Jazmine Sullivan out here sanging and writing all these bitches into a coma and I rarely see her win anything. If she complains then I’ll be bothered to take it seriously. Not some Michelle Williams wannabe. Foh!

  2. Well, she is fairly new to the industry, so I am not surprised she is upset. However, it would not be wise of her to quit music, which I highly doubt she will, but she is deeply hurt right now. Years from now, she will remember losing the award and laugh.

  3. Between her and Summer Walker, R&B is flooded with whiny little bitches who are doing nothing but hurting R&B. If you can’t handle the pressure of being in the spotlight and the industry, then don’t go in it. I don’t feel sorry for any of them. And Ari is whining about a Soul Train Award. A SOUL TRAIN AWARD!!!!! REALLY?! Sit your sorry ass down! Smh

  4. I need her to put her big girl panties on and stop bitching. Michael Jackson, Rihanna two huge Pop stars have won countless Soul Train Awards for R&B album and arent technical R&B artists and NO ONE complained. Hell can we even consider Beyonce as R&B? Soul Train was the Black equivalent of American Bandstand and had Black artists of all genres performing constantly because at the time they didn’t get as much publicity. Sometimes you get snubbed but you don’t quit or bitch you keep grinding. You’re not obligated to win any awards as an artist. Years ago India.Arie was nominated for multiple Grammys but won zero and Alicia Keys swept the show that night with multiple wins. India congratulated her and won 2 Grammy two years later with her sophomore album. Biggie, Busta Rhymes and countless other artists haven’t won awards but they kept pushing. I remember years ago when Ashanti won the Lady of Soul award at Soul Train and folks damn near lost it. People out here that wish they had an opportunity to get into the industry and folks threatening to quit because they lost. If she’s that sensitive she’s in the wrong business. She’s a talented soul I wish her the best but she has to understand she’s in great company by not winning the award in all honesty.

  5. They definitely did Riri dirty. I remember that shit smfh. That said, while you may not get the recognition you deserve that doesn’t mean you’re not getting recognized at all. Not everything comes or has to come in screams. Whispers can be just as loud. I hope she doesn’t quit, but I can’t say I don’t understand her disappointment and frustration. She has every right to feel that way. Hopefully she just keeps doing her thing and making music. As Jamari mentioned before she ain’t the first to be overlooked and she certainly won’t be the last.

  6. Ari’s music sounds like shes ripping off Erykah Badu. I hope she doesn’t quit music not because I’m fan(only like BMO) but why quit after 10 years of grinding? You spend years toiling away for your dreams only for you to let it go after losing one award. Sweetheart there will be more albums, more awards and losses too. You gotta keep going and not let these things affect you.
    Another thing are all these girls who threaten to quit, actually able to quit? Aren’t there contracts in place? I mean aren’t these girls on the hook for multiple albums?

    By the by, J. Coles music doesn’t deserve any awards. So I ain’t shocked that he gets “snubbed”. His shit is whack.

  7. She’s not allowed to. I found her on Then through J. Cole. Then she had the nerve to redo Reflection the Ratchet Remix. She supports the LGBT community. Um, no. Summer Walker can retire, though.

    I get what she’s saying though. People don’t take the Soul Train Music Awards seriously and she does and she’s hurt.

    1. ^can folks express their hurt anymore?

      it seems summer and ari express their hurt,
      but it gets them picked apart.
      i hope these girls can find the strength to continue on.

      1. I’m good on Summer. “My social anxiety doesn’t coexist”. GIRL. I know that this is the age of making sure your mental health is okay, but it feels like an excuse to not do your job.

        She’s a Black woman and has the #1 R&B album in the nation. People thought R&B was dead because of all of the Adeles, Ed Sheerans and Sam Smiths.

        She has access to therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists. And she has the NERVE to claim she’s a witch. GIRL. If you don’t meditate and woosah it out! Drink some calming tea or perform backwards like Sia does. She’s too inconsistent for me and she hasn’t earned the right to be so all over the place.

        1. Listen summer is a mess, beautiful girl but she is a mess. It’s almost sad how shes pretty much letting her disorder get the best of her.

          1. What disorder has you playing with people’s money gallivanting around town as they wait 3 hours in the cold to hear you use your limited vocal range on a stool?

            I hate to see it.

  8. After all her hard work putting together a body of music, a career, and a fanbase, shes going to quit over not winning a SOULTRAIN award? Gurl…..Does she know how many housekeepers in Las Vegas found discarded Soultrain awards in hotel rooms across the city this weekend? If thats all it took for her to quit then she wasnt that invested in her career anyway.

  9. I hate to sound insensitive but BYEEEEEE!!!
    I’m sick of Cardi, Summer Walker, & her ALWAYS bitching about the industry on Twitter.
    Get tf on if it’s that fucking bad, but they just want sympathy & the attention.

    1. Summer Walker and Cardi don’t belong in the same sentence as Ari. PERIOD. Summer Walker is ungrateful and delusional. Social anxiety, but you want to tour in big cities only. Girl if you don’t…she could’ve become a songwriter. Publishing is where the money is in the music industry. Dolly Parton is STILL eating off of I Will Always Love You.

  10. The music industry is nothing more than a popularity contest. It’s not based on talent anymore. It’s exactly what Ari Lennox says, it’s what’s trendy and who’s popular. I still feel that she should do what she loves, because she is talented and her album is amazing!!

    1. I love Ari! Her album is sooo good. But she needs to have tougher skin. So many artist get snubbed. This will not be her last time she is snubbed. Her time will come

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