ari lennox quits music? (she better TF not)

you know i love ari lennox.
i met her and damn near fell in love.
well she has allegedly quit her music career.
it all started because of her loss at the “soul train awards“.
this is what she had to font on her twitter

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that one time i met a celeb and my skin exploded

we all have something that doesn’t work when we need it to.
it could be:

your bawdy KNOW you got that event to go to,
but suddenly,
something don’t fit when it should.

you can’t call out of work,
but that one time you need to be healthy,
you on your death bed.

you was trying to drop the whole dick off in someone,
but the one time you was trying to show tf out,
the dick ain’t getting hard

for me,
it could be some of that,
but my skin loves to explode with acne at the wrong time.
like today…

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