that one time i met a celeb and my skin exploded

we all have something that doesn’t work when we need it to.
it could be:

your bawdy KNOW you got that event to go to,
but suddenly,
something don’t fit when it should.

you can’t call out of work,
but that one time you need to be healthy,
you on your death bed.

you was trying to drop the whole dick off in someone,
but the one time you was trying to show tf out,
the dick ain’t getting hard

for me,
it could be some of that,
but my skin loves to explode with acne at the wrong time.
like today…

i got invited to meet ari lennox today.
she was in the city after attending “black girl’s rock” last night.
i’m a huge fan and play “shea butter baby” religiously.
so i met with her,
we spoke on some real chill shit,
and i told her that i’m obsessed with “new apartment“.

sidebar: I needs this to be a video

life should be good,
as i settled into “cloud 9” of meeting one of my favs.
i don’t know what led me to look at my facial in my phone camera.

I had an invasion of whiteheads all over my chin and the right side of my cheek

i felt like i wanted to die on the spot after seeing that.
there i was all in ari’s face,
someone i really like,
and my own face was at its most disrespectful.
i was speaking to people ALL DAY.
when i left the house,
i was good.
what happened between then and now was the devil’s work.
i hope the next time i meet her,
my shit is clean,
and under control.

lowkey: they really lied to us talmbout acne stops after teenage years.
just lied to our faces with that shit.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “that one time i met a celeb and my skin exploded”

  1. I’m sure she didn’t even notice. She was flattered that you followed her career so closely and were a good conversationalist. So let it go. It’s not worth obsessing.

  2. Do you think it may have been stress related? If it isn’t then you should definitely check into the korean “10 step” regimen…it’s deadass a lot, but it can REALLY transform skin.

    1. ^i honestly think it is stress,
      i was fine once i walked out my door today.
      my skin violated.
      i’ve never been so embarrassed smh

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