i wonder what he woulda done if she got the order wrong? (mcdonalds)

they need to pay these fast food workers more money.
for the type of shit they deal with,
they need higher pay and extra security.
jackals and hyenas out here,
losing their minds over some fast food.
so ^that hyena got arrested for getting angry with the mcdonald’s worker.

A Florida man has been charged after allegedly punching a McDonald’s drive-thru worker because his food was taking too long.

Sherman Lee Brown, 34, of Leesburg, is claimed to have hurled abuse at the woman and then struck her in the face.

The incident happened at around 3.20am on July 30 at the fast food restaurant after he ‘became upset because his order was not being processed fast enough,’ a police report stated.

Brown was sitting in the passenger seat of a silver Ford Focus with his girlfriend, when he allegedly starting yelling at the employee.

An affidavit states he directed his anger at the woman, first yelling derogatory words including ‘cracker’ and then later shouted ‘hurry the f*** up.’

Brown then left the vehicle and was told by the employee that she would not serve him if he continued to yell and she asked him to leave the property.

Brown then allegedly told the victim he was ‘going to hit her’ and as she tried to close the drive-thru window he hit her with his left fist.

Her ‘glasses were thrown to the floor’ by the strike, later leaving her with ‘redness and swelling’ on her right cheek and eye, as well as a cut on her lip.

Brown then allegedly fled the scene with his girlfriend, who was described as having blue hair and gold teeth.

you can already imagine what the girlfriend looks like:

i know one thing:

Veda better watch out!

that was a preview of what’s to come.
she don’t cook his food on time and he gonna molly wop her ass.

lowkey: i thought mcdonalds brought out the worst in folks.
 popeyes is about to snatch that…

can’t relate.

article cc: daily mail

7 thoughts on “i wonder what he woulda done if she got the order wrong? (mcdonalds)

  1. Just sad! And the sandwich is not all that! It’s good but not to be behaving like that. Lee’s chicken sandwiches sliders are just as good. SMH

  2. Is…is…there a golden ticket or something hidden in these sandwiches ala Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Because…I’m so confused and highly disappointed.

  3. In some cases, fast food workers are out of line, but to berate them because your food is taking too long is a bit much. Fast food workers are definitely underpaid for all that they tolerate on a daily basis. I am glad I am fortunate enough to not have to work in fast food but still.

  4. Thank God that I never had to work in fast food!! I have a short fuse and I’d probably be locked!! Ignorant ass folks fighting over food!!! I just don’t get it, these workers already don’t make no money, then have to put up with all this bullshit!! No sir!

  5. 2 things. Why is he eating fast food when his skin is so clear. She looks like his aunt, but blow her back out Roller from Claws style smh

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