want revenge? f*ck the son (according to paul mooney)

i feel like the older stars were so reckless back in the day.
if you research the tales of diana ross,
aretha franklin,
john f. kennedy,
marlon brando,
and marilyn monroe,
you’ll be shocked at what you read.
well an alleged bomb dropped aboutpaul mooney earlier today.
it seems out of revenge,
he allegedly had sex with richard pryor’s son.
this is the story from “hiphop wired“….

A former bodyguard of late comedian Richard Pryor dropped a bombshell on the masses by way of a video clip that was published earlier on Monday (August 26) that has rocked many. Rashon Kahn says that Pryor offered $1 million for someone to murder his former friend and comedian Paul Mooney for allegedly sleeping with Pryor’s son.

The explosive clipped aired as part of an interview conducted by Comedy Hype. Kahn, who is set to put out a memoir titled “Everything Wasn’t Funny” shared the details of what ended Pryor and Mooney’s professional partnership and friendship. Some fans might know that Mooney served as a writer for Pryor and other comics of the day.

Kahn, in sharing the story, said that because of Pryor’s drug use, he wanted to wait a few days before confirming if what his boss said was accurate. When approached again, a clear-headed Pryor restated his desire to have Mooney killed.

with a clip from twitter:

and with the cosign from richard’s ex wife,
jennifer lee pryor on twitter:

i’ve heard some wild shit but…

What in the world????

as shocking as this is,
i feel like in 2019,
folks are this kind of petty.
my neighbor’s mother was fuckin her boyfriend to spite her.
he was 19 and she was well into her 40s.
they fought like animals in the street last summer.
richard’s son was a young adult when this all went down.
i don’t know how true that is,
but it’s all a mess.
of course,
my nose is all in this scandal.
if you want to listen to the full interview:

article cc: hiphop wired

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “want revenge? f*ck the son (according to paul mooney)”

  1. I’m so confused. What did Pryor allegedly do for that to happen? I didn’t know Mooney was into men. I do know that he was the second funniest thing on Chappelle show. I need a full cup of tea not a corner.

    1. … Paul Mooney is fruitier than a Carmen Miranda at the Farmers Market… didn’t know he was into men? If he was any spicier they would have named that damn chicken sandwich after him.

      1. Really?!? Omg I never picked up on it but I’ve never seen him in anything else that I can remember. Now I’m bout to YouTube him.

  2. Mooney is/has always been a jack ass. About 10 years back I was managing a hotel and some guests complained there was a homeless man sleeping in the lobby. Turns out it was Mooney snoring away on the couch. Of course it was “racist” that I woke him up. That’s his thing and it’s tired and worn out. He’s not funny. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a chester.

  3. Man I’m one of his biggest fans and Paul Mooney could make me cry. I alway had some feelings about him being in the life, especially the way he carry himself but this is so left field yah. Damn everybody’s skeletons is coming out, what gives?

  4. Khan using the word child is reckless & dangerous…Jennifer Lee Pryor stated that it happened during a JoJo Dancer shoot…that movie was filmed in like 84/85…Richard Pryor Jr. would’ve been 23 at the youngest. If Paul Mooney did it he’s still VERY wrong, but he’s didn’t sleep with a “child”.

  5. Awww but why would Pryor want him dead when HE Pryor was a Bisexual ? Why he could fuck other men but when his son got his piece he was mad? ….SMFH

    1. Because Mooney was his friend and colleague, and Pryor’s son was underage, maybe?

      This is shocking news. I’m still trying to process it.

  6. Lovers quarrel maybe. The way Mooney talks about Pryor I feel like he’s sucked him off more than a few times.

  7. Mooney was probably like a brother to Richard Sr. who maybe first met Richard Jr. when he was underage. So I can understand the feeling of betrayal if my brother/friend slept with my child even if he’s an adult now.

    Paul Mooney’s publicist Cassandra Williams told TMZ “there is no validity to Rashon Khan’s statement as it relates to Mr.Paul Mooney.
    Richard Jr. has yet to comment.

  8. Real Richard Pryor? Richard Pryor Jr. was born in 1961. He was at least 22 when they were filming Jo Jo Dancer. So he was grown and knew what he was doing.

    I’m a big fan of Paul Mooney. Lately, I’ve wondered if he was gay. His mannerisms are a dead giveaway and I’m older and more experience and see him more in this light.

    It is well known Richard Pryor was bisexual or at least got done with women who were transgender. Comedians such as Gary Owens said this was very well known in comic circles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnTRoRZtioQ).

    So was Richard mad his lover was messing with his son and he got traded in for a younger model? That’s just conjecture but maybe. Gay and bisexual men can be vicious when they get rejected.

  9. I keep telling folks things we hear about today has already happened, we just live in the social media era where every damn thing has to be a headline. I sometimes wish i came up during that time where secrets remained secrets. Paul Mooney is a straight fool he’s hilarious. I love him to death and he always keep it real, i think he’s bisexual. But the rumor has it years ago that they were lovers on the low so I don’t know what to believe. If i didn’t hear it from Richard’s son or family I’m not believing it and I don’t mean the wife of later years.

  10. Secrets are coming out because there has been no accounting for past indiscretions, since these folks are getting older, more and more of their shit is going to come out before the go. Invest in popcorn futures, that’s all I can tell you.

    1. Richard Jr. told TMZ he was molested when he was a teen but he didn’t say how old he was.He could have been 13 or 18 or 19.I think people are mixing up when Richard Sr. discussed the “incident”, for lack of a better word, with when it actually occurred.It’s possible Jr. kept it secret for years.

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