Ain’t No Fun If Demarco Murray Can’t Get None

Heidi-Mueller-DeMarco-Murray-girlfriendawww well isn’t that just cute!
that’s super thick baller wolf demarco murray from the cowboys,
his girlfriend heidi mueller,
and his beautiful cub in a beautiful family portrait.
makes me tear up in the left eye.
well this is other baller wolf,
brennan clay,
and a few tweets about his own family portrait…

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 7.54.28 PM













cb6i felt ^that was fitting.
that revelation brought a tear to my eye as well!
major points for putting it out there b!
expose these hoes for what they are worth!
well here is brennan and his wife,
gina d’agostini,
before or after pre-slut:

she quickly erased her twitter.
i’m sure her mentions would bring her to suicide.
…but the worst part?

these two baller wolves use to be on the same team in college!
tumblr_maojs7DBEh1rzbvsto1_250i guess there is no loyalty amongst baller wolves.
i’m sure there are other baller wolves,
in every league,
who are banging their teammates wives.
i’m sure there are some banging the owners wives as well.
well on lighter news brennan just ( x filed for divorce ).
brennan out here looking like a joint tho:

she is a fool to cheat on him.
he is sexy as hell at the ripe age of 22.

call me!
i hear good head helps people through…”

seems like he only likes to play in the snow tho.
as for demarco…

…well wait i can see why she cheated with his thick chocolate ass.
okay sorry!!!!
i’m on brennan’s side.

lowkey: i love when the snow bunnies show their asses.
these black baller wolves get so distraught.
its funny to me.

i bet brennan has been singing this off key:

tweets taken: twitter

*pictures credited to their owners

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Ain’t No Fun If Demarco Murray Can’t Get None”

  1. Brennan can come and see me man, I got you bruh. Why would she cheat on him? Demarco is fine, but he doesn’t beat Brennan.

    Some black men believe that women of other races are superior to their own, but this proves that isn’t true. Trifling as hell.

    1. ^this is why its funny man!
      they run to these snow bunnies and…
      they can act as ratchet as the black vixens.

      i feel brennan will go upgrade…..
      to a puerto rican.

      1. Him moving on to a man would be an upgrade, preferably me.

        Demarco has lost a ton of respect from me. Not only did he sleep with another man’s wife, but his teammate’s, not to mention that he has a girlfriend of his own.

      2. ^its sad but i feel like most men don’t have a “chill” button.
        especially when it comes to holes and pipes.
        demarco is wrong tho.
        he was probably scheming on b’s wife.

        i wonder how b found out?

  2. Brennan is definitely sexier than Demarco! His wife made the wrong choice! But that’s what they get for fooling with them snow bunnies! They always want the big black dick and the even bigger black dick !!!

  3. These black baller wolves love to hit the slopes and play in snow. They swear the Beckys are better than their own black women smh. Oh well, I’ll pass on this meat. He seems like he only enjoys pasty Pattys.

  4. Wow Demarco’s gf is gorgeous tho, but why he cheat on her with a basic girl? But then again Demarco looks like a black gorilla. Maybe the couple should switch partners; the uglies with each other and the beauties together.

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