ASSumptions May Get You The Pipe or Nah? (Question)

QuestionBlocklets say you are talkin’ to a dude.
he identifies as “straight”.
lets say he…
okay wait this is what happened and i need the foxhole’s opinion

i was talkin’ with this “straight” wolf today that works in another department.

light skin
a little on the dorky side
would slide him the cheeks on the low

so he randomly started telling me how he broke up with his girlfriend.
they were living together for 2 years.
they haven’t been getting along.
they aren’t seeing “eye to eye” anymore.
they aren’t “on the same page”.
he also started telling me he was moving out and finding his own spot.
okay cool.
as we are talking and he is says he is speaking to someone.
its very vague.
he also addresses them as “this person…”.now my question is…

Is it wrong…
that I assume that “this person” means they are talkin’ to a dude?

tumblr_inline_n4m2tfILS31rfuf5d…or is that jumpin’ the gun?
most straight wolves i know flat out say:

this chick
this girl
this new bitch i’m kickin’ it with

when i hear “person” or “they”
i always go left.
is that wrong to assume that?
or could they just be secretive?

lowkey: i also been thinkin’ he is attracted to me.
he has done some questionable things.
i also swear i caught him lookin’ me up and down before.
i could be buggin’,
but you know when your foxy/wolfy/hybrid senses start tingling...

giphy2…you maybe onto something.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “ASSumptions May Get You The Pipe or Nah? (Question)”

  1. Nah, you aren’t wrong, it just comes natural. I do the same. When people start using certain words like they, person etc.

  2. There was a joke in Family Guy about that. A cutaway to soldiers at war showed 2 of em mentioning their wives/girlfriends as “she” and “her” while the gay one used gender neutral terms like “person.” He probably does want the cheeks. Some men discover that side of themselves later on. Or it might’ve been suppressed, who knows. He was probably curious and decided to watch some gay porn to see if he liked it. Most men who do, end up liking solo videos of men masturbating. You should ask the use his phone one day. Might find some pics of you from behind. j/k?

    1. ^RIGHT!
      let me leave my phone home tomorrow…

      …but seriously,
      he is always lookin’ at me like a meat sammich.
      i’d give it to him tho.
      i want to turn his dorky ass out.

  3. Idk maybe he can sense something about you and is trying to feel you out. I say tread lightly with this one. Just see where it goes convo wise the next few days. Sometimes it’s good to trust your fix senses sometimes not.

  4. Meh not gonna lie I do that sometimes though I’m very careful about who I let my business be known too but what i don’t do is vagueness and suspicion

    I don’t play that game if a guy claims he’s straight and does things around me to raise eyebrows is keep it moving I don’t have time for the is he is he not stuff

    Or popping a stiff at work because he pulls something I have learned to not shit where I eat I’m all about business at the job now after hoes meh go nuts but I set ground rules because I have no time for curious or confused men’s head game antics

  5. I like how people “randomly” tell their personal business too! I get that a lot..and at times it can be frustrating. You hear some interesting shyt, but most of the times that voice in your head is like…I don’t give a fuck!!! LOL
    I swear some of the fellas on the grounds crew get down. Those boys are always talking about sex and the freaky shyt they do. I guess they are trying to get a reaction from me, but I just smile or laugh…mostly because I’m in HR and not trying to get caught up in any mess. LOL

  6. Nah you’re not wrong because I use the same tactics. Straight people tend to make it a point that they’re with the opposite sex, IMO. When I’m talking about a potential to someone who I don’t want to know I get down, I use gender neutral terms like “they”, “them” and “this person”.

  7. Oh. That sounds fun. But because you’re at work, I would suggest ALOT of eye contact. Not like Liz white diamonds sultry either or creepy weird Al eye contact. But you can see how he reacts. If he breaks it or engages. Or if he watches your lips. Trust me. He’ll casually touch you next.

  8. Yep. Women are referred to as “she”, “her”, etc but often men say “this person”, “they”, etc. to refer to a man in such circumstances. They are trying to hide the gender of the person but inadvertently their words give them away.

    He probably has been checking you out. He has “this person” and he may want you to be “that person”. Be careful about workplace romances but it seems that this guy may have as much or more to lose than you do if it becomes known at work.

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