be happy living your double life

living a double life can be tough.
i can imagine how hard it is for spiderman.
peter parker in a touch base at work and green goblin is tearing up the city.
how does he let his boss know he has to dip to live his double life?

the questions.
you gotta present yourself one way to the world,
but you’re secretly indulging in your true desires in private.
i think of the biggest issue is…

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how far “being on the low” has cum (come)

2005“noah’s arc” made its debut on logo.
for me,
it was a show that started the ball rolling to where we are now.
the plot was about masculine dl gay wolf falling for a feminine out fox.
not many got to watch,
but those who tuned in where pretty much hooked on that story line.
with some searching,
it brought the idea that a relationship like that “can” happen.

2007“on the down low:
a journey into the lives of straight black men who sleep with men” was released.
j.l. king,
the author,
brought the word “down low” to the mainstream.
i mean,
he was on oprah with the shit.
we always knew this kinda thing existed,
but it was always very hush hush or “i don’t believe it”.
it was the start of many of a witch hunt,
with paranoid vixens at the front lines,
but it started whispers on the secret lives of dl males who sleep with other males.

2008“hiding in hip-hop” by terrance dean was thrown into the ring.
it was another book that put a spotlight on the dl,
but the ones who were down low in black hollywood.
star fox (rip) was the first to read it and urged me to buy it.
that is the book that actually made me a believer.
i was hooked.
could many of the males i fantasized about be out here messing with males?

2009 – “the foxhole” was born.

somewhere before all of that,
there were wendy’s rumors and other shenanigans that all makes sense these days.
in 2019,
we have come a long way from those days of questions and confusion.
now we have “straight rappers boldly getting head in leaked videos…

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Are We Gonna Throw The Whole Life Away? (Whats Next?)

i kinda see why most of us take our chances with the “curious straights”.
it isn’t the politically correct thing to do,
but there are many of us who just don’t do the gay chat sites.
entries like the last one keep a foxholer on guard nowadays.
i miss when things were just starting

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Boosie Wants You To Know There Are DL Males In ATL Right Now

i liked his outfit here sans all those tacky ass chains.
it’s black gay pride in atlanta this weekend.
it’s ludaday weekend too.
 i’m sure it won’t be hard to get some dl pipe during the festivities.
jack’d servers are probably holding onto dear life.
well boosie posted this tasteless joke on his ig…
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Tank Will “Versatiley” Beat Your Ass For Saying He DL

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 4.39.19 PMtank is getting back to what made him great
good to see him working that bawdy out.
so tank is not gay.
he claims he ain’t d/l or a hybrid either.
bimbo winehouse,
the one who outed mr. cee,
accused tank of being all of those things to perez hilton.
no ounce of chill on labor day weekend tho.
tank wasn’t having it and well via the shade room
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Talk Sh*t: Get Outed?

tumblr_lprvx2rMcD1qchowci don’t know why the dl foxhole does this.
they always bring attention to their disdain for gays,
but will have a whole closet full of secrets to get outed with.
one of my tumblr foxholers couldn’t wait for the foxhole to see this.
so someone on twitter tweeted this:

…in which a twitter handle,
by the name of @kashifthedon responded:


well guess what happened next?
you guessed it…
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