Are We Gonna Throw The Whole Life Away? (Whats Next?)

i kinda see why most of us take our chances with the “curious straights”.
it isn’t the politically correct thing to do,
but there are many of us who just don’t do the gay chat sites.
entries like the last one keep a foxholer on guard nowadays.
i miss when things were just starting

the days when chat sites were new and you had to search to find it.
how about when you knew “no orientation” on a profile,
like facebook or blackplanet,
was a green light?

those sites in the beginning had all the good dick on there.
i should know because i rode a few of them.
i’d go meet a wolf and was not disappointed.
in those times,
it lured a lot of discreet males who were getting the hang of things.
sometimes you didn’t even fuck on the first encounter.
it was great to meet someone like you looking for the same things.

all those sites are trash now.
the type of gay has changed.
sure you can find a treasure within the trash,
but it’s a legit search.
you gotta go through:

fake profiles
high school cliques
she-jackals pretending to be males looking to expose
“i’m too sexy for my shirt” try hards

…and let’s not forget the murderers and robbers.
you gotta bring a bullet proof vest,
a cross,
and a bat signal just to meet up.
it is a whole mess now.
i hear it’s better on instagram,
but folks out here trying to expose what’s left of the good meat.
folks get a dm from a baller wolf or a celeb,
hell even the finest of the fine,
and they sending screen shots to “the shade room”.

so i get it.
i’m one of those foxholers too.
i get why we get attached to someone in the forests we feel is “one of us”.
it’s face to face and you get to that instant vibe.
that method is also full of games that can literally drive you crazy.
i just don’t know anymore.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Are We Gonna Throw The Whole Life Away? (Whats Next?)”

  1. It’s all chance, you’re taking a risk, on your heart, life, and your livelyhood!!! Most of those sites don’t interest me anymore, liers and criminals. I have met a few good people online, just prefer to meet someone in person with same interests.

  2. “Oh my” I remember “Connexion” or “Dlist” which I candidly got dates off of and If they could bring back the first two sites, I would be golden. I’m really starting to see the benefits of instagram and had a few encounters and with an attentionisto.

  3. I’ve been hearing about Instagram being a hub for meeting men, while Twitter for meeting freaks. In fact, there is a whole sub culture on Twitter, aptly named, “Freak Twitter”. Since I’m pretty much a non-sexually being (@ least not physically), I haven’t really did any linking with a guy in years, not because I can’t get one, I’m pretty sure I could if I wanted but it’s because the standards of dating have gone defunct. Online is cool with me…that is, the past way.

    I talk like I’m ancient, I know, but back then…bruthas used to at least try to get to know you. Like you’d get hit up with a conversation….and then things changed…You get a “Sup” and you look like “What is that?” and you tell them “Hi” and they send you “Sup” again…this continues for five more message until they say “What you looking to get into?”

    But now…the “Sup” is a dick or bootyhole pic. Bruthas don’t even bother anymore with speech introductions. I’ve had dudes straight ask me if “I want some dick”. That’s the first message. They don’t care about anything else…but damn at least ask the eight questions first like “When was your last STI test”… I get straight crickets.

    It’s not to single folks out but more to show you how much they don’t care about you & just getting they nut.

    I don’t even consider messing with “curious” dudes at all. I ain’t got time for all that but hey, they say in this life, the biggest risk is not taking one at all right?

    There is still a chance you could find the person of your dreams.

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