Jamari Fox: The Infamous Anti-Hero

i wrote an entry the other day that had some folks have a hissy fit.
don’t i always?
it was the one about ( x gay web series being porn with a plot ).
where was the lie?
i gave my honest opinion,and it had a lot of  agreement.
i saw/was told it had those who act in those productions in their feelings.

i couldn’t care less

after that,
i was titled “infamous” by another blogger who wrote about the incident.
that word tho…
it gave me life,
but i realized that has been who i’ve always been

throughout my life,
the moment i opened my mouth/used my fingers to express my thoughts,
i noticed it would always create forest fires.
from my thoughts of pop culture,
shit happening in the news,
or my perception of another individual(s),
someone was always in their feelings about it.
it’s not because i was spiteful,
but more so that i could see:

1) the truth 
2) no apologies about expressing it

it’s like they tell you growing up to be honest,
but then get upset when you’re not kissing anything less than their tails.
even when i asked my parents about issues i saw in religion,
they’d punish me for trying to find out the truth.
in this quest of finding myself,
i realized:

Jamari Fox is the anti-hero

all this time that i was striving to be looked at as “good”,
because you “shouldn’t” be looked at as “bad”,
my opinionated ass could never be.
the anti hero is absolutely perfect for me.
i’m complicated and UN-apologetically imperfect,
but my underlying actions are still heroic.
there is no pressure because i can say and do what i want,
but not be pressured to “fit on a side”.
simply put:

We don’t fit in,
but make our presence known to both sides

…and that’s okay.
it’s more fun and interesting to live that way.

“fitting in” is boring and look at what it’s created on social media.
even with most of these celebrities out here.
clones of each other whose candles burn out twice as fast.
while they are trying to be “the good guy” to society,
they don’t realize they are actually playing the villains perfectly.
if you notice they aren’t always the nicest once i write about them.

i realize that the foxhole is for all the anti-heroes out there.
i see and feel you.
most of us are social outcasts.
the way we live is unconventional than the rest.
we go on our own self interests,
recognizes things for what they are,
and adjusts our characters to the vibes accordingly.
we also this insane ability to keep folks pressed.
(my personal favorite)
sometimes just by walking into a room.

however you handle your “anti-hero” life,
always be the best that you can be.
embrace all the shit that makes you weird,
or hated,
and make it work for YOU.
you live always your truth that way.

*anti-hero (n): “An anti-hero is a flawed hero, and therefore, much more interesting then the more traditional heroes. They can be working on the side of good, but with a tragic flaw, or a horrible past, or for reasons that are selfish and not entirely “pure”. They can also be working for the side of evil, but with hidden noble intentions, or other underlying complexities.”
– urban dictionary.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “Jamari Fox: The Infamous Anti-Hero”

  1. “Infamous”….you have arrived, J! Lol
    The haters and envious ones are out there gunnin’ for you.

    It’s so true though, when you don’t kiss ass or go with the flow…you’re a “troublemaker”

    1. ^i’d rather be the “troublemaker”,
      than 98% of their followers who will turn on them tomorrow.
      at least i’m upfront with my “trouble” lol
      the crazy part is i don’t slander them half as bad as others.

  2. U sound like me, whenever I point out the emperor has no clothes everyone is pissed haha

  3. This comment probably won’t get posted but here goes:

    No one would ever critique your right to be honest. Narcissists fall back on that argument often. I call it the Kanye syndrome. You are being critiqued on the substance of your critiques. That is all.

    Honesty is just fine, but sometimes honesty gets you a judgement that you may not like and that should be fine, too. You’re not a martyr.

    You are not an anti-hero, you are ignorant about some things AND you are part of the problems that you bring up on your blog.

    You critique aspects of gay culture and non-gay culture then take to perpetuating what you are criticizing. For example, over-fetishizing heterosexual men. That’s such a stereotypically gay quality. Then you y’all about how wrong it is, but you continue to do it.

    I also notice you don’t tend to post or even address dissenting opinions on your blog, you only address the views that you agree with. You seem like the type to say what you want and when someone has additional information for you to consider, you cover your eyes and ears and move on to a new topic.

    You also seem to suffer from some emotional instability because every few weeks you have a “breakdown”.

    Though I know it feels noble to feel like you are being torn down for having an opinion, you’re not different from the crowd at all — you just have a blog.

    1. ^all jokes aside,
      everything you listed about me is pretty much the anti-hero.
      it was actually very intelligent and i’m sort of impressed.

      i never said i was perfect.
      i’m ignorant to MANY things.
      some i care; others i don’t.
      i’m not upset with comments like this.
      i don’t really care what you think of me,
      but it drew you out of lurk mode to share it.

      the beauty about this space is i am able to express myself,
      my life and dislikes,
      and everything that makes me who i am.
      some will like it and others won’t.
      i “just” have a blog and you “just” have an opinion.

      thank you for your thoughts frankg.
      it’s all appreciated.

    2. So I’m curious.

      Why are you here then? Serious question.

      I mean I don’t agree with everything he posts either, but it is his website about his perspective and experience, not some unbiased news website.

      1. ^jay.
        i have a question since you’ve been here through my journey…

        haven’t i always written about my weakness and flaws on this foxhole?

    3. I absolutely agree with your sentiments man. Glad I wasn’t the only one to recognize his many flaws, shortcomings & weaknesses here.

  4. you’re actually naive, judgmental and overly critical about ANYTHING that isn’t masculine and conventionally attractive by surface standards. you aren’t even as confident as you pretend to be — otherwise, you wouldn’t hide your real face and likeness behind this blog. you somehow think this little platform is going to open industry doors for you & there’s simply no way. do you think somehow that a producer is going to come along & offer you a television show where you whine about your problems after swooning over straight, masculine only men? never going to happen. and you won’t ever secure legit advertising because the content is way too sexual and explicit in nature. so, what you may want to do instead, to really show your balls, is begin delivering all of these critiques and praises on Video. let’s see if your voice and personality can convey the same messages & ideas without completely bombing. THATS THE CHALLENGE! the only way to move beyond what you’ve been doing for the past 5+ years & to truly receive any type of opportunity is to finally put a face to the page. otherwise, this will only ever be an ongoing, non monetized passion project. think about it.

  5. I mean it would be pretty one dimensional if he didn’t write about his insecurities and weaknesses.

    I’m just genuinely confused why people clearly lurk on here frequently and take the time to write a long negative comment.

    I’ve never visited Fox News website, much less written a comment because I hate their content.

    It’s just strange to me, but continue🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. First, quckly glancing through the topics on the home pafr I thought it read: Jamie Foxx is the anti-hero and I was…oh more naked pics of Jamie Foxx & that bubble butt…Yeah, I got halfway down before common sense was like…move back up to the title dumbass…🤔

    Second, I actually know what youre talking about. In fact, I saw that very post maybe a week ago. I discovered it because a “web-celeb” (as I call them) reposted it on Twitter. I clicked and read and then saw the word “Infamous” *snaps, spins and dips*.

    I do like some of the shows like Honest Men (yes, Donta is fine as wine..Well all of them fine) BUT to be honest the shows are flawed to people looking for MORE than just naked men.

    If you like nudity to overshadow the plot…most of those series are for you & that’s not necessarily a bad thing since they have a target niche. Do what bests works for your brand..

    Also, Jamari, it’s good you feel the need to share your down points in life. We all have them, we’re humans…(hopefully). This is your blog. Say what you want. Do what you want and go on from there. Personally, we live in an digital age where you can make a name out of yourself on your own with smarts and technology.

    You can do audio blogs as well like a podcast. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t feel comfortable with doing so.

    The only thing I be meh with is the love for the straight men. I have no idea why gay men drool over straight men who mostly think gay men are disgusting abominations & easy sources of e-dollars. There are just as many fine, if not more finer gay men than straight men and science hints that gay men typically have larger peens than their straight counterparts…🤔. (Who has a peen chart out there? I need to analyze the results..🤓 Peenogstics calculations are my specialty).

    This blog is full of lurkers, both males AND females too..Ain’t no telling who on here lurking…Chris Brown parole officer, Kayne West, LaToya Jackson, Bjork….just ain’t no tellin…

    Anywho. You’re blogbil pretty nice. I just started visiting another blog as well recently, (which is waaaaaay more sexual than your’s but its still pretty awesome too.)

    1. ^you know what’s funny,
      and thank you for your comment jammy…

      i have posted gay males and i’ll see comments like:

      no she takes dick…”
      “she is cunt”
      “she is this…”
      “she is that…”

      every good looking gay male is a “she” or being degraded because he may like dick.
      the ones that you think are “wolves” are accused of being “foxes”.
      worst part,
      they are treated so nasty because they like to get fucked.
      so now,
      i post just males.
      straight or gay.
      whatever makes me horny.
      i post males that represent my (and others) fantasies.
      i don’t post for the sake of “sexuality” because of how cut throat this life can be.
      no one ever wins in this life.

      you would think this entry was me supporting trump or the nra.

  7. Jamari, the foxhole loves you. Jamari write how you feel, post the men you want, express your feelings the way you want, and if you don’t want to show your face don’t show it. You do great work up here, and that’s why I have been visiting daily for 6 years. Haters will always be here lurking, just continue to ignore them and be yourself.

  8. I hate to have to agree but a lot of the other guys kinda have a point about how you trash so much like transgenders the web series and even the balls and house kids ive seen before. you seem to be a very one dimensional gay who only likes to promote one type of man and that excludes so much else that creates our community. I’ve eindered as well why you haven’t ever shown your face or tried to grow some by doing a podcast or web video clips of your own, it would make things so much more interesting. I get bored of you every two weeks talking about your sadness and then back to posting the same types of men. you don’t seem to be wise beyond only certain topics. That’s all really.

    1. ^jonathan,
      if you’re gonna trash me behind these comments,
      at least use a different IP address love.
      i hear your complaints tho.
      thank you for taking the time out to comment.

  9. Most of those web series do put more time and effort into the sex and nudity than the talent across the board (acting, story, and otherwise) but I think I’m starting to get it. There’s not much of a budget so they have to reel in people some kind of way, we all know sex sells and a scene featuring nudity and sexual acts in bound to get people to click and watch faster than one without. (regardless of the sexuality of the viewer.) My biggest issue is I can’t get past the look of some of them or the cringe worthy acting in some, that and the fact that some many of them have a sameness to them that doesn’t make it worth watching.

    Jamari I say keep sharing your opinion , anybody doing anything creative knows there are critiques and people who won’t get what you’re trying to do.

    Now to any readers, lurkers, and or anywhere in between you don’t have to agree with Jamari ‘s view on anything on here that’s ok, BUT there is a way to disagree without being vicious and rude. NO ONE is making anyone visit this blog and read the posts, this is HIS BLOG he can write, fantasize, disagree, or post male thirst traps all he wants. I have to agree with Jay above, why take the time to come on here (if you’re so unsatisfied with the blog) and leave a negative nonconstructive comment ? Why not just click off or go to another blog that fits more into your views? Why continue to hate read ?

    There are some things and post Jamari has done that I don’t 100 % agree with but that’s what having a different opinion is all about, we have HEALTHY RESPECTABLE debates on here in the comment section about something posted and Jamari will listen ask questions and try to get an understanding to something he doesn’t get ( and he can do all that and even if at the end of the day he still wants to stick to his view that’s fine, that’s what alot of us do) . Johnathan there has been growth with Jamari because in the back and forth above he has been nothing but respectful when he could have simply blocked you . (because you’re showing troll like behavior) .

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