Get Your Money, Black Man (This Is America)

i like donald glover aka childish gambino.
sometimes he does things that make you go “huh?”,
but i have learned that the messenger is allowed to be flawed at times.
it’s hard to hate on someone when they drop a gem like the following.
donald debuted his new video for “this is america” and well…

i must have watched that video 8 times in a row.
i loved every single thing about it.
at first i was wondering why he was shirtless,
but i was locked in after...

in my opinion,
the video mocked how we move on so fast from tragedy.
i even did it after he shot someone(s).
i did an initial “OH SHIT”,
but then was enthralled in all the dancing.
he just shot up a bunch of blacks and proceeded to dance.
excuse me?
the ending was telling when he was running from the white folks.
i love videos that have something to say,
no matter how simple or large.
they should either entertain the fuck outta me or provoke thought.
donald managed to do both.
like i can’t stop thinking about that video hours after.
thumbs up.

i’d like more from others please.

lowkey: am i the only one who lives “atlanta”?
he is really been getting deep this season 2.
some of these episodes are blowing my mind.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Get Your Money, Black Man (This Is America)”

  1. The only thing I could think was “oh god, please don’t shoot the kids”…. So much symbolism…. Did ya’ll catch Sza sitting on one of the cars??

  2. Episode 10 of this season of Atlanta, FUBU, is one of the best episodes of TV ever. This brotha is good at errthang.

  3. When I first saw him dancing I thought it was weird he had his shirt and this may sound odd but this is the first song I’ve heard by him. I thought the video was interesting & well choreographed. I was a lil sad the guy got shot though at the beginning.

    1. @Jammy
      I bet you probably have and didn’t realize. Go listen to Redbone by Childish Gambino.

  4. it’s a bop and I’m really glad I watch the visuals first before hearing it without because now every time I play this, this video is all I see.

  5. Donald is a MASTER at the visual that makes you think. I watched him do this on SNL and was jumping up and down then! I went online and saw the video and was like “that damn Donald”…and bought it immediately. Atlanta this season is must see in my house, too.

  6. I had the biggest grin on my face while watching this. The visuals are captivating, and keeps your attention……. but the gun violence always turns me off. As for the track itself, it’s not that hot banger you blast when you’re in your car but it has a message so that makes it okay in my book 👌🏽

  7. Mr. Glover won’t be getting any of this black man’s money…

    For his anti-black woman track record does not sit well with me.

    Therefore, it’s going to take a lot more than a music video with some supposedly “deep” meaning for me to disregard his past…

  8. I think they missed the whole point of Bino’s message which is the 1st scene where he exclaims “this is America”, climax where he repeats “Get yo money Black man”, and final scenes where he’s running for his life. The take away of his brilliant piece is the exploitation and brutalization of African-Americans in a white utopia and our decision as a people to re-enforce violent culture, over sexualization of our bodies, and the steppin’ and fetchin’ narrative that mass media loves. The video opens with African cultural inspired music in a white washed warehouse which represents the box or community Black folks are forced to dwell in. That’s where all the shit goes down. Notice how only the violence that Bino commits is brought into focus while the police response is blurred. Notice how the camera is only focused on him the entire time while the violence in our community is only documented by our children whose faces are covered in protest masks. Notice how he makes sure the school kids are following him and learning his dance moves while he’s half naked singing “get yo money Black man”, and at the end of the day when he’s smoking his joint, after he made America it’s money, the “Black” man is being chased by “white” folks in suits, or the justice system at work. This video is a message to Black people that most folks won’t catch and like his other works carries a common theme. “Stay woke, niggaz creepin’, they gon’ find you, gon’ catch you sleepin”. Genius. Bino is the new Basquiat.

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