Get Your Money, Black Man (This Is America)

i like donald glover aka childish gambino.
sometimes he does things that make you go “huh?”,
but i have learned that the messenger is allowed to be flawed at times.
it’s hard to hate on someone when they drop a gem like the following.
donald debuted his new video for “this is america” and well…
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/the entry has potential spoilers below

so i’m late af with this one,
but please bear with me.
last night,
i decided to go see a movie on random.
i was hearing a lot about a particular movie,
but i purposely ignored any articles or even watched the trailer.
i was waiting to see it with the pretty vixen.
she saw it a month or two ago,
but she was so mind blown,
that she
wanted to see it  again with me.
she knew i would like it.
something always came up when we made plans to go.
i think i was supposed to see it alone.
my mind is completely fucked (in a good way) now.
so much so,
i had nightmares last night.
i saw this one
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mental homework: (16)

i want you guys to check out today’s comments from mind blown.
[insert “it blew my mind” joke]

it was something to think about in the “fox in the other city” entry…

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