/the entry has potential spoilers below

so i’m late af with this one,
but please bear with me.
last night,
i decided to go see a movie on random.
i was hearing a lot about a particular movie,
but i purposely ignored any articles or even watched the trailer.
i was waiting to see it with the pretty vixen.
she saw it a month or two ago,
but she was so mind blown,
that she
wanted to see it  again with me.
she knew i would like it.
something always came up when we made plans to go.
i think i was supposed to see it alone.
my mind is completely fucked (in a good way) now.
so much so,
i had nightmares last night.
i saw this one

“get out” was wild.
there was so many layers within the surface of this movie.
it started off about a black wolf going to visit his snow bunny’s family.
it ended up having an underlying message about white supremacy.

how this white family was stealing black bodies,
only to transplant the brains of whites into them.
it had a real life slave auction,
how we are seen by some whites,
and how snow bunnies can lure vulnerable black wolves to their doom.


all i could think about was the sunken place.
it was a place where the mother hypnotized blacks to take control of their minds.
i took it as place that many of us are in when we encounter racism.
we have no voice and can’t move.
we are paralyzed and under the control until we can find a way to get out.
i thought about things in my past and how i was spot on about their racism.
there was many times i was in a sunken place,
and by the grace of God,
i was removed so i wouldn’t be too far gone.
it can go as far as far as the views of sexuality.
the sunken place isn’t just for racism.
i have also been placed in there by some for being gay.
look beyond the surface of being gay or bi.
you’ll see.

it had so many messages hidden within the surface of the movie.
a ton of easter eggs once you go exploring:

  • everyone at the slave auction was wearing the same color
  • it took a flash of light (negro wake up call) to get the slaves out the darkness
  • black wolves who interracial date don’t trust other blacks
  • black vixens are stronger and harder to brainwash
  • if snow wolves can’t challenge black wolves in physical strength,
    they do it with intellect
  • she didn’t want to mix her milk and colored cereal
  • the deer represented more than his dead mother (listen to the father)
  • the racism was handed down from generation to generation
  • picking cotton literally saved him
  • he wore blue and she wore stripes creating the american flag.
    at that moment within the movie,
    it showed how a black man is perceived in white america.
  •  the “trayvon martin” scene in the very beginning.
  • the “language” whites use to connect with blacks (obama)
  • snow bunnies will play helpless victim once they see flashing red and blue lights

…need i font more?

i want you to go on that adventure if you haven’t.
some of it,
i picked up on while watching.
i was mind blown.
that was me until 3am.
i gasped at the things i discovered while digging deeper and deeper.

that may have been why i had nightmares

i know i’m late af,
but it’s still early to get woke.
this was a cautionary tale for blacks.
some of us are still slaves out here.
some whites want what we have and will never get that.
so they brainwash us into trying to achieve it.
they use and discard when we serve no purpose anymore.
once we get out of that mental slavery aka the sunken place,
we can truly recognize how great we are.
this goes for the black gays as well.
we need to hold each other down like the friend in the move did.
i’m sure some whites can get an idea of how we are treated.
others may just be too ignorant to get it.
even there are blacks who won’t get it.
as long as you take something from it to rise above.
if any of the foxhole has already seen it

What did you think?

i am dying to have a late discussion.

lowkey: jordan peele is an amazing writer.
i wrote him off after that “keanu” with that cat,
but i was pleasantly surprised the way his mind worked with “get out”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “GET OUT (AND WAKE THE FUCK UP)”

  1. Jamari I’ve been waiting for you to cover this movie lol. I think you broke down the hidden points of the movie so well. What stuck out to me was how whites value us for just our physical and artistic capabilities and try to capitalize on it and appropriate our culture. If you look at the black males one was an athlete, the other was a jazz musician, and the lead was a upcoming photographer. That showed exactly where they see our value in this country. I couldn’t help but think how white people are the biggest consumers of black art and use our culture in order to seem cool and trendy when we’ve been doing that shit for years.

    1. ^yesss!!!!

      you hit the nail on the head.
      you see the jazz singer was now the husband of this old snow she-hyena.
      which leads me to believe her husband is inside him and she is using him for sex.
      you see how he was dressed????????

  2. it’s funny cause 2 days ago i went to watch for the first time on 125th Street With my boyfriend
    i was blown away

  3. I watched this with a friend a month ago. The way that dude got kidnapped in the beginning made my jump in the movie theatre in front of everyone LOL! It got me. But I enjoyed the movie, although it did feel like something was missing. Like as soon as his friend saved him from the family, the movie just ended abruptly. No conclusion or anything.

    Also the part where that white lady asked his girlfriend “is it true? are they better?” about black men’s sex had me thinking

  4. Better late than never. This was one of the best uses of symbols in a movie I have ever seen. This movie had me thinking about so many things when I left the theater that I was reading essays, and viewing discussions about it on Youtube for a whole week. I can not stop encouraging my friends with young teenage sons to go see it especially when we live in such a casual age in regards to interracial dating. Real talk after seeing this movie, I dont think I could spend the night at a Snow persons home, of course it is not like I have ever spent the night at ones home anyway but now it is a done deal. I hope all my brothers and sisters will find this movie and find their way out of the sunken place before it is too late.

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