“gay out”: the sequel to “get out” that a lot of black gay males are in

i’d date a white male,
but i wouldn’t turn into “one of those brothas“.
you know the types.
they start dating “white” and completely lose themselves.
that might be where the confidence within myself comes into play.
i don’t switch up with whoever comes into my life.
the truth of the matter is:

Many black gay males get turned out after dating white males.

…which is similar to how straight black males operate with white and “other” vixens.
we really are no different besides the sex and that isn’t even that difference.
a vixen was telling me about an experience with a straight wolf she knows

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what do you think about “us”?

as a director,
jordan peele challenges you to explore the layers of his work.
ya’ll know how obsessed i was with “get out” after i watched it.
i was scared af of white people and you couldn’t pay me to go upstate again.

after i watched that movie,
i found out there were so many easter eggs within it.
i had to go on a full investigation which scared me even more.
i suspect his latest movie,
is about to have us scared of ourselves.
so the trailer debuted today,
which stars lupita nyong’o and winston duke,
and well…
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“Get Out” Was Only Funny For The RaCoons

i found nothing amusing about “get out”.
i mean,
it had it’s moments when i laughed out loud,
but that movie took me through an emotional tailspin.
i didn’t sing any songs from it like it was “la la land” either.
in this year’s golden globes,
  “get out’ might be put under the “comedy/musical” category.
jordan peele,
the director,
says otherwise.
this is what “ew” had to say…
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Get Out! The Alternate Ending

/if you didn’t watch “get out”,
i suggest you get out of this entry because spoiler ahead.

so according to jordan peele,
he had many endings for his movie,
“get out”.
this is one of the alternate endings that got scrapped…
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Get Out (ta Here!) Look At The Official Kerry Rhodes Wedding Photo!

so ^that is kerry rhodes and his new father in law.
“chillin with the OG’s.. generational ish…”
– as kerry said in the ig caption.
i’m sure they were talking about jesse owens
a vix-bi sent me the official wedding photo of kerry and nicky rhodes.
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/the entry has potential spoilers below

so i’m late af with this one,
but please bear with me.
last night,
i decided to go see a movie on random.
i was hearing a lot about a particular movie,
but i purposely ignored any articles or even watched the trailer.
i was waiting to see it with the pretty vixen.
she saw it a month or two ago,
but she was so mind blown,
that she
wanted to see it  again with me.
she knew i would like it.
something always came up when we made plans to go.
i think i was supposed to see it alone.
my mind is completely fucked (in a good way) now.
so much so,
i had nightmares last night.
i saw this one
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