Get Out (ta Here!) Look At The Official Kerry Rhodes Wedding Photo!

so ^that is kerry rhodes and his new father in law.
“chillin with the OG’s.. generational ish…”
– as kerry said in the ig caption.
i’m sure they were talking about jesse owens
a vix-bi sent me the official wedding photo of kerry and nicky rhodes.

Kerry Rhodes Nicky Whelan wedding

i should have never seen this movie because all i thought…

i mean should we be shocked at the color scheme?
i’m not talking about the clothes either.

they look nice.
braylon edwards looks even better:


lowkey: it looks like they had a fun time for easter…

well she seems sweet.
i’m saying that in “trying not to judge/family member” voice.

pictures and video credited: kerry rhodes | braylon edwards

Author: jamari fox

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19 thoughts on “Get Out (ta Here!) Look At The Official Kerry Rhodes Wedding Photo!”

  1. He is going all out to make sure people know he loves his wife because he was so private
    before that scandal happen to him!!!!

  2. I hate the color scheme. Not cohesive at all. Lol you can’t even focus in on the picture.

    Now you know if they fall out she’s going to throw him under the bus right? Lol

    1. ^sad to say,
      he will probably never be heard from again.
      he ran to her to be this savior in a white cloak.
      i hope he got this one to sign a contract.

  3. First thing I noticed was The Color Scheme ! All the way to the kids! More than meets the eye.. I love this boy though. He will learn.

  4. I just recognized something, all the men in the wedding were black and all the women were white even down to the kids. I wonder was that on purpose or accident. Also Kerry is acting on that corny Tyler Perry show “If loving you is wrong.” He plays a cop and he fits right in with that show with that slow boring drawn out acting scenes.

  5. what an actor or actress does in his or her private life , has nothing to do with me.
    if I decides to marry out side of my race. how does that effect you personal.
    I’m getting tire of some blacks getting mad because they don’t prove of who the next marry.
    get a damn life of your own.

  6. Minus the little ones, this looks like a new Blacks on Blondes scene. Awkward. Who am i kidding, i would watch! lol

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