Jose Tavarez Is What The Foxhole Likes In A Dominican

nothing better than a latino wolf who looks like ^that.
nothing better than one who doesn’t really speak english.
that means less talking and more…
so foxhole meet jose tavarez,
a body building dominican wolf…

oh my…
i love that his lips automatically turn up like that.

…and of course,
jose is packing more than just muscles.
look at his tail:

you see how that stripe on those pants does wonders on a tail?
so how do you say:

“fuck my brains out on nice sheets”

…in spanish?
thanks in advance!

lowkey: he looks like he was born to fuck.
i bet the sex is good too.
he looks like he will eat everything…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Jose Tavarez Is What The Foxhole Likes In A Dominican”

  1. Something about him not knowing English too well only adds to the sexiness. Trust when I was working at the airport some of the easiest guys the flirt with were the non-English speakers lol

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