what do you think about “us”?

as a director,
jordan peele challenges you to explore the layers of his work.
ya’ll know how obsessed i was with “get out” after i watched it.
i was scared af of white people and you couldn’t pay me to go upstate again.

after i watched that movie,
i found out there were so many easter eggs within it.
i had to go on a full investigation which scared me even more.
i suspect his latest movie,
is about to have us scared of ourselves.
so the trailer debuted today,
which stars lupita nyong’o and winston duke,
and well…

i’d love that version of “i got 5 on it” for my collection.
look at how it’s already trending:

what a time to be alive for a black creator!
i’m already intrigued and bet think pieces have already been written.
the thing with jordan is you’ll never figure it out until you watch.
i suspect those folks are already dead,
but i know i’m wrong.
either way,
this is the type of movie i’d watch in the theater.
i hope you will so we can font about it.
you can watch “us”

lowkey: i’m already ready for the youtube videos break down the film.
when i tell you i was hooked on everything “get out”…

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10 thoughts on “what do you think about “us”?”

  1. I don’t have twitter, so this is my first time seeing or hearing about this, but I’M. HEAR. FOR. IT!!!

    Can we talk about how the entire family is dark-skinned…?! No Dark-skinned father and light-skinned mother nonsense that is far too common in films and TV shows depicting black families.

    1. ^folks are already talking about how jordan has a white wife and all this other nonsense.
      they seem to be the hash tag: “we are our own worst enemy” as being highlighted within the film.

      1. Are you serious?! Wow, you can’t win for losing with some people. Well, white wife or nah, I’m definitely seeing this. I love a good horror flick!

      2. Yes, he does have a white wife which means he could have easily paid the black community dust and cast white actors in his films. Movie studios think that films with predominantly black casts aren’t marketable. This man is talking a chance by challenging the status quo. He’s right “we are our own worst enemy” because we are often trying to tear down our own over trivial shit and its sad.

    2. You know a lot of people are bypassing the fact the he is a product of a biracial family. His mother is white and I would expect no less for him to be attracted to someone similar to who raised him as created a standard and example.

  2. I was trying to analyze the trailer… I see when the young doppelgänger boy has is mask off he is burn… and in the trailer is is walking out of a the flames of a flaming car… intrigued to say the least.

  3. Jordan Peele is really positioning himself to be the black Alfred Hitchcock, where his films are iconic, subversive and thought provoking for decades. In horror movies, black characters never have an arc and are definitely never the lead. Most times they only serve to better narrate the story of the white characters. I absolutely love that he is breaking ground in horror with nuanced, layered and downright scary black characters. Between Us and this new Candyman that’s coming out, Im gonna be sending Jordan my copay bill for Valium.

  4. I’m glad to see a black man in Hollywood doing movies outside the box. I’m going support him and his work.

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