when a male is ready to settle down and picks the “say what now?”

i don’t know if you heard,
but “big dick” safaree and erica mena are engaged.

i remember a few tweets ago,
safaree said he is ready to settle down and start a family.
he also just bought a big ass crib to get a head start.

everyone is asking:

“Why Erica Mean-a?”

i mean,
her reputation is pretty foul.
she’s the example of what a “crazy ass scorpio” is.
so it has puzzled many why he would chose that one as his wife.

He was ready

assuming this is real,
and not a mona scott stunt.
erica is who he chose to settle down with.

i spent 2 years trying to get a wolf’s attention at my past job.
ya’ll know that story.
it was a wolf that i was literally obsessed with.
i was ready to be chose because i assumed he was into me.
now that i think about it,
that has been my story with the wolves i really liked.

Jamari Fox was ready

i would have been out the game if work wolf wanted to be my man.
as trash as i didn’t realize he was,
he had me ready to settle.
he wasn’t remotely interested in me.
most of them weren’t.
they were either:

straight af
gay confused af

they enjoyed the attention i gave them,
and liked what i had to offer,
but that was pretty much it.

that male you’re currently obsessed with isn’t ready for you.
males will fuck you like they are in love with you,
but they will drop your ass and settle for the:

go head and cancel his ass with the quickness.
we know who we gonna get “gay/bi” with.
it might be you.
it might not be you.
you’ll be going months with the “back and forth”,
only to find out he gets with a woman or settles with something from his gym.
you got nothing but wasted time and effort.
when someone is into you,
no matter what,
they’ll let it be known without all the bullshit.

even the ones who are super “in the closet” will let you know.

so let 2019 be the year you don’t wait around to be chose.
let it be the year you aren’t being strung along either.
i want this year to be one of communication.
if you want me,
then let me know.
if you don’t,
then you can let me know too.
if we’re just gonna fuck each other’s brains out,
then let me know that’s all it is.

i don’t want nothing less for my 2019.
i hope you don’t either.

lowkey: i’m not shocked when males choose trash to settle with nowadays.
are you?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “when a male is ready to settle down and picks the “say what now?””

  1. I hope it works out for him, her track record is horrible, out of all the other fine/sane women out there he picked her bipolar/Krazy ass!! On the other hand she’ll be getting dicked down good and well taken care of. I see threesome’s in their future.

  2. Wow this post is really speaking to me. I am in a situation where there is a “str8” guy who for some reason I find attractive, he’s not really my type, and we have been real flirty with each other over the last few years. I went over his house recently to chill, eat, and watch TV. Just on some real laid-back shit. halfway into the movie there’s a knock on the door that I assumed was his roommate returning home. Lo and behold it was some fox that I’ve never met before.The dude came in and was very comfortable in his surroundings as if he had been to the house many many times before. He sat on the couch and put his legs up on the table and on the couch. He had on sweats and looks like he was ready to fuck from my standpoint. I got the Vibe of the room, grabbed my shit, and escorted myself out the door. 2019 is definitely the year to let go of fantasy shit and go after some real shit. Thanks for this post J!

  3. Isn’t this the same dude that likes to brag about his penis for attention? If you ask me, they make a perfect fit though idk whose beating will be worse…His or hers..?

    Also, I read Jamari Foxx as Jamie Foxx at first and was like…wtf?!?! But I had to read it again.

  4. Congrats if SaFOURHEAD if he really bought his first home, but this is a duplicate of the house Bambi and Scrappy had 2 seasons ago. Down to the height of the ceiling. I think this is another Mona Scott production alone with this fake engagement.

  5. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU Jamari. I need this pep talk/read starting a new year. I am way too old to be dealing with any other B.S. than the the realness you described above. I am literally in tears right now because I was not looking or expecting to read some realness that is me and needs to be me. Thank you…again.

  6. Water met its level. They both hood and ratchet it’s just expressed differently by both. And speaking of water he a Cancer and she a Scorpio they get each other on a certain level. The emotional games will be epic tho lol.

  7. Safaree is such a goofball to me but he’s harmless so I don’t have anything against him. Or that lovely third leg between his legs.

    However I absolutely despise that trash ass Erica Mena. I hear she’s also pregnant with his child. This won’t end well so good luck to him.

    Sidenote: Those NYC latinas seem to love black peen (Cardi, Erica Mena, Cyn Santana, Evelyn Lozada etc.)

    It seems like most of the Latin women on Love & Hip Hop are fucking black men. You rarely ever see them on the show messing with a hispanic man. Of course its a generalization but I’m just speaking on a pattern that I’ve noticed. I heard that the Black man/Latin woman couple is very common in New York.

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