jessica simpson blows up!

^this is how i’m use to jessica simpson.
thick with some big boobs.
i liked these songs too:

and the gayest one of all:

don’t judge me.
well i know she stays pregnant,
but i saw these recent pics and…

… holy mother of pearl!
she looks in pain.
i’m in pain just looking at her.
that outfit doesn’t help the situation either.
she is coming from church.
i’m sure she asked God to make her water break that night.
if you woulda told me “this jessica simpson”:

…would become this:

…i might have slapped you.
she is rich af tho.
her clothes and shoes sell like hot cakes,
plus her husband is handsome af:


…and he clearly likes being all up inside her.
if gays could get pregnant
i don’t even want to think of it.
i banish it.

big or not tho,
i’d say she’s winning.
i’m just a little shocked is all.

lowkey: i always imagined if my wolf was committed to me,
and we regularly got tested,
i’d let him bust nuts all in me.
shortly after,
we’d adopt a cat or dog.
i might have a whole pound the way we’d be sexin’.

pictures cc: abilityfilms

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “jessica simpson blows up!”

  1. I use to watch that newlyweds show waaay back in the day. Watching it now, especially the tuna scene you can tell nick really couldnt stand her. They were too different. I wonder if she still pays him alimony?

  2. She looks like She Hulk in those pics. All jokes outside…I’ve always thought she was a very well put together white woman.. Prettiest thing around.

  3. Oh wow. She really does blow tf up when she’s pregnant. Luckily for her, her snapback game is strong. I also love her and her music; super gay.

  4. Wow! I wouldn’t have even recognized her she’s definitely living her best life for sure this is how it’s supposed to be done she got her coins and her exposer and went back to civilian life now she’s fat and happy with a fine ass husband lol! And she’s like Nick who? 😂

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