let’s be frank (no underwood)?

i won’t lie to you,
frank underwood was missed in that last season of “house of cards”.
claire can’t really carry a show,
even though it was an “okay” end to the series.
besides that trash conclusion for the last episode.
kevin spacey,
who has been banished over his alleged pedo charges,
decided to reprise his role of what i think was “frank underwood”.
this is what he posted on youtube

…and this is just weird af.
i guess he wants his job back,
but he is way too far gone with the accusations.
unless he gets proven innocent,
i doubt he’ll ever work in that town again.
he’s a talented actor too.
i’d say let this be a lesson to the others,
but these celeb folks don’t learn from example.
i hope i always do.

Author: jamari fox

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6 thoughts on “let’s be frank (no underwood)?”

  1. The fuck? He’s a serial sexual predator. He used his position to manipulate, grope, and harass many teenage boys repeatedly. Then when he was exposed he tried coming out to deflect, he’s a creep. Goes to show you how much people overlook the behavior of favored celebrities.

    This isn’t some #MeToo crap. These are actual charges against him with a set court date. The police has evidence.

    1. All the blood flows from his brain to where he gets guys to give him ‘brain’. You know a Pegasus is a flying horse and you know why they call it ‘horse hung’.

  2. I support Kevin Spacey and I thought his response video was brilliantly done. All of this bullshtt started when some D-list actor (Anthony Rapp) made an allegation from 30yrs ago. Now because of the MeToo mob, both the gays and the feminists are weaponizing their campaigns to destroy men. Imagine if it were YOU who had to defend yourself from an unfounded allegation 20-30yrs ago. Even Dr. Neil deGrasses Tyson has found himself the target of this bullshtt. If there is EVIDENCE that exists let these “alleged” creeps pay the price, but this mob-like movement sickens me.

    1. Yeah, but that D-list actor was 14 at the time of the assault/fumbled seduction. Anyway you spin it Kevin was in the wrong.

  3. Excellent actor. Flawless delivery. Exquisite eloqution. SMDH….the sad thing is many who are judging and accusing hin are also , behind dark walls and dimmed lights, fucking and molesting the innocent and the guilty. DWRCL…this Life is such a potent mixture of HYPOCRISY!

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