young dolph gets his national negro wake up call over wearing labels

i always say you can tell a lot about someone who constantly wears labels.
it’s one thing to dress nice,
and look expensive,
but it’s another to be flexin heavy on social media.

probably terrible in bed
new money

true style is being able to wear anything,
no matter the cost,
and it looks good af on you.
i don’t need to know you got it from “prada” or “gucci”.
in young dolph’s case,
he has been flexin’ “dolce and gabbana” real heavy.
over 500k worth of heavy.
so they sent him a present for making them even richer.
he opened it on ig (of course he would) and this is what it was…

a true rich person would have eaten that muffin tho.
don’t let it go to waste now.
there are poor kids in…
i don’t think anyone with real money is spending that much at d&g.
that just screams “i’ve never had anything”.

have you noticed true rich folks flex with property and investments?
common folks flex with clothes and material shit?

i use to be a label hound so i get it.
it was like a high to go into rich stores and be treated like royalty.
store reps will go out if you dropping stacks.
when i realized that i was being used by everyone around me tho,
and they weren’t loyal even a little bit,
that’s when i started to wake tf up.
it took me losing everything for me to see that i,
jamari fox,
was actually the one who was last season.

so even tho i love a fly fit,
i’m not impressed by who made it.
i get more compliments regular clothes,
learning what works for my body/skin tone,
 how good i smell,
than when i was trying to look expensive.
my home wolf wears labels and everyone stay using him.
he’s like a beacon for that shit.
nah homie.

lowkey: i been rocking some 5 dollar glasses folks been obsessed with.
i’m always getting compliments.
i got them from urban outfitters when they were on sale.

i saw them and knew they were “me”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “young dolph gets his national negro wake up call over wearing labels”

  1. DWRCL…..serve his ass right. Black people will always suck the bait and drink it empty.
    Not him alone. I guess it’s our history why when black people have money they spend on the white man’s business and make his ass richer while all he has is a fucking DandG shirt or bag. Dumb fuck he is.

    When I see Mr Walmart buy DandG clothes then I will consider. Walmart would invest in DandG stores. We as black people we buy every damm thing in the store for me and the homies looking like fuxking clowns . No we won’t learn. Nothing to do with agei either. All to do with who we are as a people. We playing catching up while the white man has left the fucking building.

    Thankfully not all of us are fools with our money

    1. Seti, Well said! I’d like to see more of us aspire to be wealthy, not rich. Any broke fool like this Dolph kid can be rich. Wealth has longevity.

  2. People just don’t know. These rich hipsters might buy a few expensive pieces and then go get the bulk of their shit from stores like TJ Maxx and Goodwill in a white neighborhood. He could’ve bought a property with that money and flipped it.

    Then pineapples buy shit that’ll be out of style in one season. Rich people buy modest pieces that’ll stand the test of time, not shit with the logo all over it lol

    1. ^the hipsters UTILIZE thrift shops.
      they get all the fly exclusive vintage shit.
      some of our black family wants to feel important to pop tags.

      as long as your outfit is put together fly,
      and your personality is all through it,
      it doesn’t really matter what label it is.
      i feel like labels tend to carry those with no to horrible personalities.

  3. What did he think they would give him? lol

    Also I second that I got a lot of compliments on things that I either altered myself or that were from a thrift store/sale rack and I just wore it the right way. I think that’s the problem with a lot of folks they idolize the idea of seeming as rich as possible and the best way, in their mind, is to spend 100k+ on clothes and cars and etc that value decreases overtime. Plus with certain articles of clothes its a once or twice type of situation and that’s all you can’t wear it any more after that.

    SN: I highly doubt this will stop him from buying from them though lol

    1. Something else I just noticed he said he spent that in a year… you spent half a mil or a little over that in one year just on D&G? Really

  4. First off..who the fuck is spending that much money on Dolce and Gabbana?..I cant even begin to unpack that. SMH. Sadly he, like most black people, look at clothes, shoes, cars, and jewelry as social currency. The age of social media has made this mindset even worse. The ability to obtain expensive material things made by gay white men seems to be everyone’s goal. He spent over half a million dollars with Dolce and Gabbana, so what? What did he expect? Their entire spring line? They don’t give a fuck about him and they showed him exactly what they thought about his money spent. Ive always been an advocate of investment pieces. If I’m going to spend racks on clothes, they are going to be things I can pull out 20 years from now and still look great in. That is a dying ideal though. Everyone is all about this tacky, label drenched, trend chasing type of fashion and these style deficient, new money rappers are leading that charge.

  5. Well sir that’ll learn ya! I can’t imagine having this mentality it’s just pure unadulterated niggrasity and it’s sicking on so many levels and low-key im sure they wouldn’t even consider him the right type of clientele to begin with because it’ll sully their brand image and who wants to associated with this type of nouveau riche if ya know what I mean (wink-wink).😉

  6. So, what’s sad here if anything is the idea that this guy Young Dolph came from meager beginnings and while he might have earned enough money to securely place himself in the middle to upper middle class his spending habits might send him back into poverty. The broader question I have is why we as an overall society feel the need to Pocket watch black folks; at the end of the day whether we like it or not as black folks we are Americans at the end of the day and we fall into the same traps and pitfalls of American life. Look if we can be honest we live in a heavily marketed capitalistic society Young Dolph is doing that same thing that Justin Bieber, Salena Gomez , Paris Hilton, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears have done and are doing and yet there is no real critic of their spending habits, we just accept that they have earned their money and spend it as they see fit. I don’t know about you all but every time I turn on the TV, open a internet browser or turn on my phone I’m bombarded with advertisements for medications that I don’t need , overpriced electronics that I don’t need, high end cars that would be hard to afford etc. I say all of that to say that what Young Dolph has done is not something that is unique to coming from the ghetto but instead he’s just buying into the image of what it means to be American

    1. Wow! You’re absolutely right now I have do a deep introspection of my self while I stand by my comment reading your comment gave me another point of view that I haven’t thought about but should consider it’s something as black americans we’ve been trained to do to only see what we do and never consider that there is another side to it and I hate to say this but we’ve been taught to be overly critical of each other and we mindlessly do it without even realizing it.

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