this cost t pain an arm, leg, kidney, all 10 fingers, and a butt cheek

we are one potential hospital bill away from doom.
simple doom.
can i ask the foxhole something?

Why ya’ll ain’t tell me hospital bills be this expensive out here?

i know an ambulance ride is insane,
and for that,
either carry me or we’ll walk.
 t pain‘s brother was in the two hospitals recently.
the bills for his stay came in and t pain posted them.
i shrieked to the highest of heavens…

one more time:

hospital bills are outrageous in this country.
these is no way someone should have a bill that high.
that is higher than a damn school loan.
absolutely ridiculous.

lowkey: his brother had to have no insurance.
this is the only reasoning i’m coming up with.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “this cost t pain an arm, leg, kidney, all 10 fingers, and a butt cheek”

  1. please tell me this is the bill before insurance kicked in. This why 45 dont like Medicare and Medicaid. He rather us die.

  2. He should not have to pay for his brother’s medical bills. His brother should consider filing for bankruptcy to avoid such a large debt.

  3. This only highlight why politics and policies are so important. I believe the brother had some sort of insurance because the original bill was $1,132,746.67 and was reduced to 270,231.40 which means insurance covered over 75% of the initial cost. This highlights why we must avoid people especially in the “woke “community who advocate for divestment from politics or make the lazy argument that all politicians and all parties are the same. Government plays a big part of our lives and we need to focus and make sure we elected politicians and enact policies that will not leave us, or our love ones stuck with a $270,000 medical bill……. there’s no way to thrive under that burden.

    1. Thank you reality 616! Engagement and voting are essential. It was one party that voted over 60 times to repeal Obamacare and is still doing all it can to weaken it. These “woke” people who say both parties are the same are lazy or make me think they are Russian bots trying to suppress our vote.

  4. So I’m guessing that’s 2 Hospital bills. That’s insane!! Canada and London has national health care..why don’t we come up with something similar?

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