the aliens were gonna take us in new yawk last night! (bird box)

bad enough,
i watched “bird box” a couple days ago.
i thought i’d have to use my sex blindfold.
last night,
something straight out of all the alien invasion movies happened in new yawk.
so i was laying on my bed

i was legit looking up at the ceiling,
trying to figure out what i was gonna eat for dinner.
i was tired af and didn’t want to move.
the lights in my crib started to surge.
i thought i had too much shit on so i closed my laptop.

i know.
i know.
“brilliant decision making”.

when i looked up at my window,
i noticed it was brighter than usual outside.
it was like 9 something ,
and it gets dark by damn near 430,
so i knew something was “off”.
as soon as i looked outside,
i saw the sky was this light blue color and was vibrating.
first thought:

“they’re here.”

by “they’re”,
i meant the aliens had arrived and was causing ruckus in time square.

i knew it wasn’t gonna be thanos.
the sky woulda been purple and i’d be a dust bunny.
i was shook af.
my fridge was not stocked for no alien take over.
i didn’t want to be one of those outside,
with a bat,
trying to fight my way into a bodega for a bottle of water either.
it was an explosion at a con ed in queens.

i’m glad all of my new yawk foxhole is safe.
no blind folds or alien probing for today.

4 thoughts on “the aliens were gonna take us in new yawk last night! (bird box)

  1. I was legit scared when I saw that damn light! I was running through my house screaming “WTF IS THAT!”

  2. Isn’t Bird Box like that movie The Happening…? The Happening was highly irritating me during its runtime.

  3. Bruhhhhh lemme tell u.

    I had just snuck my pineapple into my room last night and we was about to lay down and then I saw that bright ass light. I dead thought Jesus was comin back for real. I was gonna tell him i don’t think this is a good idea lmfaooo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that was really some Bird Box ish last night.

    1. ^LMAO!!!!!!!

      i’ll have to learn all kind of new shit to survive in these forests now.
      it’s already hard enough and now we gonna have to deal with aliens too lol

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