rip young dolph (escape your hood)

i’m not a hiphop fox all like that so i don’t know much about young dolph.
i’m learning about him because he was killed today.
he was gunned down in his hometown of memphis while supporting a black business.
right before he was shot,
young dolph was picking up cookies for his mother at makedas cookies.
this was a video from a few days ago at the same cookie shop:


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it’s admirable to want to support a business from his hood but the reality is…

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young dolph gets his national negro wake up call over wearing labels

i always say you can tell a lot about someone who constantly wears labels.
it’s one thing to dress nice,
and look expensive,
but it’s another to be flexin heavy on social media.

probably terrible in bed
new money

true style is being able to wear anything,
no matter the cost,
and it looks good af on you.
i don’t need to know you got it from “prada” or “gucci”.
in young dolph’s case,
he has been flexin’ “dolce and gabbana” real heavy.
over 500k worth of heavy.
so they sent him a present for making them even richer.
he opened it on ig (of course he would) and this is what it was…

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