rip young dolph (escape your hood)

i’m not a hiphop fox all like that so i don’t know much about young dolph.
i’m learning about him because he was killed today.
he was gunned down in his hometown of memphis while supporting a black business.
right before he was shot,
young dolph was picking up cookies for his mother at makedas cookies.
this was a video from a few days ago at the same cookie shop:


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it’s admirable to want to support a business from his hood but the reality is…

Not everyone from your hood or hometown is supportive of you.

some will set you up to have you killed for jealousy or some beef from ages ago.
add on social media and our hunger to post every move doesn’t help.
most rappers are often killed going back to their hoods.
look at alpo martinez from harlem.

a huge drug kingpin,
and alleged snitch,
running around out here like he was invisible.
( x see that story here )

some people ain’t move past the beef.
i don’t know why any rapper chooses to go back tbh.
ima be 110 with you:

When I make it,
I’m outta the hood and I won’t be coming back.

for some white folks who love coming here,
it’s cool and fascinating due to the music and movies.
the hood takes them out of their lives and into something unfamiliar.
it’s exciting for them.
for those of us who live here,
there is nothing interesting about this hood life.
they don’t label some black folks as crab in the barrel for nothing.
there are a few black businesses that i love in my hood,
i’ll have the products shipped or have an assistant go get it.

very sad news to hear about young dolph.
he was 36.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “rip young dolph (escape your hood)”

  1. There something really wrong with us as a people we have no problem killing each other for stupid reasons.. the self hate is real.. Now his family, his child is left fatherless.. we are Effed as a people.. God help us.

  2. Let me tell you this, I HATE gangs. Why is George Zimmerman still alive? Why is it they can’t do hood justice…EVER?!?!?!?!

    I am afraid to even enter the lottery because I’m afraid of being set up if I win. Black people really cannot STAND to see another Black person win!

    1. And don’t you mofos start with that Black-on-Black mess. Crime goes down when people have their basic necessities so miss me with it. Never hear of Asian-on-Asian crime, white-on-white, latino-on-latino, but you relish these stories to justify a white boy doing lines off of your D. FOH!

  3. 😞Yesterday I saw the news all over SM . Frankly I didn’t know who he was. I’m not one of his audience listeners.. I decided to find out who was this person and why would anyone want to kill him.

    Well, well sure enough #YoungDolph was from the projects, raised by grand ma, mother and father victims to the System. He was left to grow up on the streets. Street smart, he wrote of his struggles and he rapped about it. He gained success and even was an independent artists, something you have to have BALLS to do in this shark tank of an industry. He therefore had haters and beefs with his own brothers. He was like a cat with 9 lives. This was not the first shoot out 0n his life. He did not survive this one😢

    Here’s the deal. Our people arecsrill scattered and dislocated from the Promised Land. We are busy fighting and cursing and hating each other because we are struggling to get ourselves out of the generational mess we see all around us.

    Self hate and imposed competition create the inequality we live in and this cancer metaciise everyday, affecting every aspect of our lives. We see ourselves as victims and we expend energy on the wrong things. We kill and hate each other to suppress our own insecurities and we think this will solve our problems. But the cancer remains.

    The greatest threat to black unity is black people. We are our worst enemy. And the sad thing is we keep drinking of this vile, toxic koolaid white America is serving.

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