stevie j and faith evans think they can top “may the bext toxic relationship win” goals

remember when stevie j and faith evans dropped the bomb they were a couple of years ago?
from what i gathered,
they were fwb who were messing around for years and decided to give it a shot.

Bad move; never works

people always think when they can make something work when the foundation is built on sex.
they always don’t realize sex leads to emotions and some aren’t built for fwb situations.
thats a whole nother topic but remember how hot their music video for “a minute” was!

i guess the new thing is “may the best toxic relationship win” on social media.
it was kirk and danileigh the other day and now we got faith and stevie j on socials

“I hate you.” – Faith
“I hate you too bitch.” – Stevie

if this is a relationship then i’m happy af i’m single.
i refuse to deal with that shit.

This is how some people are in relationships or even married.

it starts off all great during the honeymoon phase,
we see all these pictures and videos on socials,
but once that’s all over and the masks come off,
they both realize they can’t stand each other and even the sex can’t fix it.

Moving in together
After the literal honeymoon
When the kids get introduced into the picture

people love trying to make a relationship work that isn’t working.
people try to make a relationship work with someone they aren’t fully into as well.
you know it’s bad when “i hate you” can smooth fly out your mouth and you go to sleep.

stevie and faith should have just kept on smashing with no strings attached.
they broke what was working.

lowkey: stevie is ratchet sexy with a big penis.
( x see it here )

…but i can only imagine what he is like once you’re outta bed.
faith is giving me that energy too.
a hurricane meeting a tornado.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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    “These Instagram and Face( Meta) Book live fights are going to be the new Medium for entertainment”

    This is not the last of it . Unfortunately its the evolution of Entertainment:

    1 Stage( Greeks ,Shakespeare)
    2 Movies ( Hollywood ,Theaters)
    3 TV ( Living Room)
    4 Reality Shows
    5 NOW— Instagram /Facebook live Realtime fights etc

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