porsha williams admits that r. kelly might have seen her naked

i was never really a porsha williams fan when i use to watch rhoa.
she is a beautiful vixen that has crazy personality,
and a cancer zodiac like me,
but sometimes i feel she is a dork.
this is all based off her actions on the show rather than her bts tbh.
so porsha has her memoir,
the pursuit of porsha“,
coming out and she shared that she was connected to the almighty hyena,
r. kelly

After meeting a friend of the R&B singer in 2007, the future Real Housewives of Atlanta star, then 25 and considering a career in music, was flown to Chicago to meet Kelly and potentially work with him. Williams says she expected to be driven to a recording studio when she arrived but was taken to Kelly’s home instead.

After an initial introduction to Kelly — who was found guilty of racketeering and sex trafficking in September — someone led Williams to his bedroom and left her alone there for hours. When Kelly finally joined her, she said he told her to take off her clothes. “I’ve already put myself in this position,” she writes in her new memoir The Pursuit of Porsha, available Nov. 30. “This is what you’re supposed to do. You have to. There is no turning back.”

Williams saw Kelly two more times and says in her book that she encountered several young women who also were staying at his home. She writes that she decided not to see him again after she woke up one day and heard a woman being beaten in another room.
hearing someone getting beaten in another room would have traumatized me.
i’m very sensitive to abuse and others being abused.
as soon as i bounced,
i would have sent an anonymous message to 911.
aside from that,
i guess from this omission that she let r. kelly smash for a potential record deal?

i won’t judge her because…

Some of our favs,
male and female,
have smashed for record deals and movie roles.

how many of them smashed r. kelly when he was “the thing to have to produce your record”?
this hyena is like a roach infestation you can’t find the source of.
he is attached to everything especially some of our fav’s best songs.

i’m glad she spoke her truth tho.
she seems to have a lot of things folks can use against her in arguments tho.
some of the things she accused others of can be used against her too.
thats the thing about being transparent tho.
folks will try to throw your confessions back in your face to hurt you.
your response should always:

I wrote/said/admitted to my shit so your insults don’t hurt my feelings.
Don’t make me go snooping for the shit you can’t be transparent about tho.
You’ll never show your face in these parts again because that will destroy you.
The difference between me and you is I don’t care if the world sees me as flawed.
You spend your days trying to be picture-perfect to your audience.
Imagine what would happen if that mask happens to be ripped off?”

it’s always those clowns who want to throw shit you admitted to back in your face.
how about you expose their shit so ya’ll can have a fair fight?
you can check out “the pursuit of porsha: how i grew into my power and purpose” on november 30th.

article cc: people

7 thoughts on “porsha williams admits that r. kelly might have seen her naked

  1. Now see this is bringing back that Jay Z R. Kelly tour. Something telling me he tried that with Beyoncé and Jay Z got in that ass. That’s when they were secretly dating and didn’t nobody know. After that tour was over with, Jay and Beyoncé did that collaboration. She was still working on her solo album. R. Kelly definitely made music with Bey but it was only one song. R. Kelly co-wrote a song on the Life Album for Destiny’s Child. It was called Stimulate Me.


    From that article, he tried but Mama Knowles was with the girls everywhere and Poppa Knowles was in the studio. For some reason he wanted to record at night only. Kelly was supposed to work again with Bey for If I Were A Boy Remix. The song that he did for the group, Poppa Knowles said nope not going on the record but that song they recorded for the Life album did. Bey never got a chance to do the If I Were A Boy Remix. However the song did unofficially come out. Maybe it was edited with R. Kelly version but it was never produced in the studio with the two.

    I believe Porsha but I don’t judge her because she avoided what some couldn’t. Destiny’s Child and Porsha were the ones that got away.

  2. This is one them stories she should have kept to herself…. And for the record she could have left considering she didn’t come to Fuck she came to sing!!! Why in the hell would you let somebody sit you in somebody’s bedroom when you came to sing?!? Then he come he come in and tell you to take clothes off like you a slave???? Miss-me with this bullshit!!

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