and just like that, ya’ll are gonna watch the sex and the city spinoff (without samantha)

that was a classic episode of sex and the city.
ya’ll remember the episode when the dude broke up with carrie via a post-it note?


the nerve,
with his dry-ass asmr sex.
this part was my favorite in the episode tho:


Sidebar: I went to club Bed when it was poppin’.
There were actual beds in this club that you had to pay to reserve.
I knew a wolf who knew a wolf so I chilled on his bed.
I did make the mistake of standing on the bed we were on.
Security tackled my ass off that shit and onto the ground.
I wonder if anyone ever smashed on those beds in the club?

this show really spoke to my young fresh-ass foxy life.
nowadays these dudes ghost you without even sending a text or an ig dm.
so they launched the teaser trailer for the sex and the city spinoff,
…and just like that“…

…and just like that,
i scrunched up my face and rolled my eyes.
i wasn’t even teased or stimulated.
nothing about this says:


we could go to their igs and watch their stories for all of this.
not only that,
samantha jones isn’t in it.
this is where they really violated.


they seemed to have replaced her with that annoying doctor from grey’s anatomy.
if samantha was there,
i’d be more inclined to tune into her wacky hijinks.

i’ll tune in on the 9th of december to see what the first episode is like.
you can to on hbo max when it premieres.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “and just like that, ya’ll are gonna watch the sex and the city spinoff (without samantha)”

  1. I wasn’t going to give this show a chance first. But I think I will give it chance now. This show has already been renewed for season 2. The ladies are getting $1 Million dollars per episode. There will be 10 episodes. I just hope they dump the whole series on HBOMax at once instead of submitted weekly episodes. I like to binge watch. I the show will do well. There’s rumors that in season 2 they left a window open for Samantha to return but I don’t know how true that is. I am wondering how will they address Stanford (Carrie’s Bestfriend) now that the actor who played him passes away . He was dealing with Stage 4 cancer.

  2. I will tune in for this one. I’m willing to give the “it’s a whole new spin on the characters” a look-see, plus I love Nicole Ari Parker. If they actually make her the fourth and give the character some justice, they’ll have me. Samantha wasn’t as critical for me as others, it seems…

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