boosie said his gay fans love him so he dunno why ya’ll so mad at him for

one thing about society is how disappointing some people are.
they will legit support and show love to the jackals and the hyenas of the forests.
they will cosign the disgusting and the disrespectful.
with that being fonted:

Which one of ya’ll are fans of Boosie?

he claims his gay fans love him.
he had an interview with vladtv where he explained that and why he has beef with lil nas x…

“hi saturn,
this is boosie calling.”
that mofo is legit in space with how high he was in that interview.

sp some of ya’ll really be chopping it up with him when ya’ll see him?
what ya’ll be talmbout?
his very descriptive stories of jail life?



are some of ya’ll trying to get at him on the low?

boosie claims he was mourning the death of his grandmother and took it out on lil nas x.
it’s crazy to me how when some people are mad or hurt,
they’ll fuck with someone else who had nothing to do with their issue.
a female boss who is going through a breakup or hasn’t been smashed since 2006.

it sounds like the gays be lighting his ass up these days.
i know his dms and @s be like a pig headed to slaughter.
he knows he can’t battle that army so he is trying to smooth things over.
i don’t believe a word he has to say but…

we’ll know it’s real when you collab with Lil Nas X!

do it!
do it!
do it!
do it!

lowkey: don’t even get me started on him admitting this was fake…


Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “boosie said his gay fans love him so he dunno why ya’ll so mad at him for”

  1. His actions display a real personal connection with homosexuality . Either His mother, father ,relative or someone close is a Homosexual. He is too attached personally.

    It started with him allowing his son to be raped by a grown woman. That was followed by his aggressive attacks on Lil Nas X and then the “staged” confrontation with a supposedly gay stranger. Now, he is attempting to explain himself and state that he has some kind of ” kinship with Gays”???

    It’s not always what someone says, but what they do and he is doing wayyyyy too much!

    Low intelligence is frightening

  2. Boosie better stop lying, he know damn well he beat off to that man riding that dick. He got too much detail of that and constantly keep telling what happened. When that shit fucks with you, you don’t even want to bring it up anymore. You want to dead it because you don’t want to see that visual anymore. Not once did he say he ran the fuck up outta there, he said my bad and watched. Nigga you was beating off to it and you the dude probably looked like LNX thats why you focused on him. You ain’t do that shit with Frank Ocean, you didn’t do that shit with Trippie Red when he made Boy Pussy. LNX ain’t do none of that but kiss his boyfriend in real life. Boosie want to fuck LNX cause he look like the dude riding the dick in the shower.

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