rihanna’s internet warned danileigh about kirk (they tried to tell “ha’h”)

hot take incoming as only jamari fox would.

I don’t feel sorry for Danileigh tbh.

i think the majority of rihanna’s internet warned her bout kirk aka dababy.
what happened yesterday was fucked up but folks done told “ha’h”.

if you ain’t know what happened…

from what i’m gathering,
kirk wanted danileigh and their newborn out of his crib yesterday at like 3 am.

which led to a full-blown situation on ig live:

the police were called and all kinds of other nonsense ensued.
( x see the whole story here )
he claimed she was nothing but a side chick.
on her ig live,
she decided to prove she wasn’t a sidekick like he said she was…

… but i’m inclined to believe she was dickmatized more than anything else.
these stories were absolutely embarrassing.

Look at how many videos she has of him!!!!

thanks for all the evidence but wtf?
it looks like she was the pretty light-skinned “prize” he wanted to breed.
he wasn’t really into her like she thought he was.
i don’t recall him ever claiming her.
he didn’t even show up for her baby photos:

i do feel like the saying “water seeks its own level” applies to this tho.
peep the language in the ig pr statements from her:

Sidebar: not him saying his focus is on his new album and tour.
not him not including their new born.

…and there we have it!
ghetto nonsense that will provide chaos and catastrophe on this baby’s self-esteem.
typical of them but…

Rihanna’s internet tried to warn “ha’h”.

i never got on the danileigh hype train tbh.
she always struck me as a vixen using her talent to get chose.
she wasn’t some great singer or anything.
there are no memorable songs from her.
she just liked to dance and she was good at it.
now she has over 3 million followers,
a cute baby,
and a treacherous baby daddy that will add to her storyline to keep her relevant like the others.

ghetto as allllllllll hell,
but aren’t most of these relationships?

lowkey: all the pretty light skin industry vixens are coming to her defense.
rescue “ha’h”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “rihanna’s internet warned danileigh about kirk (they tried to tell “ha’h”)”

  1. I’m sorry if this is going to sound crass and/or blunt, but dudes like Dababy are only good for one thing “to dick you down”, besides that you bring no value into my life. Take your drama and your chaotic thinking and lifestyle and exit stage left. Sorry not sorry.

    1. Exactly 💯!!!! I just can’t feel sorry for her…my heart is hurting for that child…These women think that if they have children by these men that will secure a 💰 and a permanent place in that man’s life…Future is a prime example…Look how he’s treated the mothers of his children…As u have said….these men are only good for “Dickin u down”..

      1. Someone else said this on twitter and I disagree

        We in the community and women , alike, have to stop the idea that If you’re a trash partner we’ll just use u for dick

        If I can’t call u in a crisis, u can’t come drink from the bar at all!!!!!

        Stop allowing low vibration into your realm and it will force these men to step it up! Or they won’t have no dick or ass

  2. Imagine dragging a baby mama, not getting a ring and becoming one.

    Women have still not learned how to play the game?

    There is NOTHING about him worth being embarrassed like this for.


    And she’s having another by him? I won’t say what i’m thinking.

      1. Idk if she’s having another one. According to her this all started because she didn’t want to have another (at least so soon) and having plan b sent to the room. But now she reportedly has two assault charges against her alleging that she has put hands on him (prior to this incident). All I know definitively is that this is all a mess. I like a couple of songs from the both of them but this right here? I’m good on both of them. Hope they can get it together enough for that baby girl.

      2. Jamari you didn’t see what she said on IG, she said all he wants to do is nut in her. There whole relationship was fine until she had a plan b delivered to his house and then she became the “side chick”. He mad cause she is not ready to have another baby by him. You don’t show up to the baby shower, why should I keep having babies by you. All he want to do is nut in you, why r u still with him. Get the fuck out. She showing too many sings she crazy. He kicks you and your baby out his house at 3am and u still staying there, who does that!

  3. This was like a whole Tyler Perry play. The innanet warned her. They had signs, they had shirts and they had receipts. She ignored him like one of Future baby mama’s did, including Ciara. Got the dick and thought he was going to change. She even posted all he wanted to do was nut in her. The whole fight started because she had a plan b delivered to their crib. I will agree, side chicks don’t live with u. No matter how much u call her one, side chicks don’t live with you. She wanted to have a baby with him and now she want everybody to know about him. News flash Danni, the innanet been knew. You knew about him fucking any Charlotte chick and u stayed with him. That’s yo man and you gon stick with him. Now that’s yo baby daddy and you stuck with him for 18 years. Better call Ciara on dealing with that situation.

    1. Yea but this is what I say

      Clout makes people do things they normally didn’t

      U know how unattractive guys can land attractive dudes if they have a certain number of followers?

      Well that same logic applies when it comes to side / main chick dynamics

      Dani was thirsty for da baby he has hits and she needs one she thought they could do a halfway power couple social media relationship but one problem— his Black baby’s mother

      So she had to get her out the way she tried the subliminal diss track “he wanna yellow bone” it backfired so she was scrambling. She gets pregnant and da baby can’t do her like a normal side bitch

      Bc she has clout and followers

      THATS why he allowed her to stay with him I’m sure it’s to appease her. He didnt want her going to the blogs on his horrible parenting

      If u notice she stayed quiet even when he didn’t come to the baby shower

      IF HE AINT COME TO THE SHOWER YOU, MY Dear, are a side bitch!

      He got u in his bachelor pad while meme has his kids in a HOME

      1. The only thing I disagree on is the side chick cause u speaking facts. You preaching that sermon. There are plenty of baby daddied who didn’t show up to the baby shower. That is nothing. When you move your side chick in the same house, she is no longer the side bitch. She is the main bitch. The side chick in this case is Meme. She has a house with his kids and he definitely is still fucking her but who does he come home too. That is the definition of side chick. Meme may have came first but you can be the side bitch and the ex/baby mama at the same time living in a different house. When he taking care of Meme shit to keep a roof over their heads while he fuck anybody he wants, thats a side bitch. When he doesn’t bring side chick to the house and fucks them everywhere but there, that is the main bitch. When u posting your main licking your stomach on social media, u r letting the world know that is your woman. That is what Michael B. Jordan and Lori Harvey is doing. Lori Harvey fucked Diddy son and turned around and “allegedly” fucked Diddy after they broke up. You date the son and then date the daddy, you everything in the got damn book as a hoe to any man. If anything Lori was a smart hoe because she got out that relationship with Future without being another baby mama. Ciara was the classiest one because she left everything about Future in her past and upgraded herself. She took care of her son and didn’t care what the internet said about it. Look at her now. That is the easiest way to move on from a situation. I seriously thought Dani was fucking Chris Brown because they have so much in common. They both love to sing and dance. The chemistry they have together showed me that Mr. Kirk wasn’t even in the picture so if that is so, maybe she needs to move on. Trying to make him a bad father online is going to do nothing but show your daughter u r bitter about the breakup because he is going to show her something different. Now if she refuses to leave after this man is literally dragging you online calling you all kinds of names, you deserve every bit of it. Its not like she can’t get away because he wants her to leave. That makes her crazy, not a side bitch. It is literally women out here who will not leave a toxic situation and play victim when they have multiple ways out. They just don’t want it because they love the attention.

  4. This is the Future of entertainment:

    1st it was (Theater) Movies and (TV ) Situation Comedies

    2nd Scripted Reality Shows (TV)

    NOW; Instagram/ Facebook live interactions( Smartphones)

    (This has all ready been happening its just Da Baby and Dani are very high profile)

    But watch how many arguments start showing up on social media .

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