so, yeah, about my new therapist…

i was about to dip because she was late.
it was 9:10 am and my new therapist wasn’t there.
i was promptly there at 8:58 am for my first therapy assessment.
i’m (fashionably) late,
but a fox was one time for this go around.
at 9:20 am,
she finally arrived and by the time we ended the session

I was sold on her.

i decided she would be my new therapist going forward.
our assessment was pretty straight forward tbh.
she asked me damn near everything in the span of an hour.
no stone was left unturned in that forest.
it was really different than my first therapist.
even though he took notes,
he had a more laid-back approach than her.

I loved she is black and from Brooklyn

i felt drawn to her because she looked like me.
she understood different things that “we” understand in the culture.
not only that,
she has many patients who fall under the foxhole umbrella.

we set up for every monday to meet.
she comes with an app that will have assignments in it for me to complete.
from what she said,
i just need to tighten up some things but i’ll be good once that happens.
when she sees improvement,
the sessions will be bi-weekly instead of weekly.

My spirit is telling me my life is about to go into overdrive soon.

i can’t wait to be balanced in all areas so i can fuck shit up.

stay tuned.

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