my virginity has been taken by the non-corporate girls podcast!

today has been sort of a wild day.
holy guacamole.
i have been here,
and everywhere.

My first interview dropped with The Non-Corporate Girls.


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it was run by delaila and yanni,
who i have nicknamed “pose” within the podcast.
check it out below for my guest appearance on episode 105 for their 5th season…


“You’ll never lose when you’re your most authentic self. After an identity reveal via his pop culture and media platform, Jamari Fox can attest to that. The Non-Corporate Girls Ayanna (@the_aya_brand) and Delaila (@missdelailac) get an unfiltered insight to the learning and unlearning Jamari has done the last few years to arrive at a space where he is 100% comfortable showing up as himself. In this episode, the ladies dig a little deeper into how entrepreneurship and being in the public eye affects one’s mental health. 

Jamari’s #ObsessedWith is WordPress, a platform that allows you to create and optimize your website.  It has been a pivotal tool in Jamari’s success.

Download, Follow, Comment, Like, and Share via our social channels @noncorporategirls.”

this is just the first stop foxhole.
more to come!
i’m so excited to be able to share this with everyone.
thank you to the non-corporate girls for taking my virginity on my first interview!

check them out on: ig | twitter | linkedin | facebook

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6 thoughts on “my virginity has been taken by the non-corporate girls podcast!”

  1. Congrats J! Very cool. Looks like you’re getting some good exposure lately that will broaden your audience for the blog. I added it to my podcasts to check out later.

  2. Congratulations man!!! Progress is slow but steady!! Just stay and respect the process!! P.S. You look really yummy in the photo bro! Not gonna lie! Take care, truly happy for you!

  3. Very well done ! Jamari you have great speaking voice. I must admit .I don’t normally do Podcast, but I may need to expand my information conduits (smile).

    The chemistry amongst those doing the cast is important .

    P.S. I have always been drawn to your openness and you being your “Authentic Self”.

    1. ^omg thank you bb!
      much appreciated and grateful that you listened and showed support!
      it means a lot and i know therapy has been good for me because i felt so free and open during that.
      being authentic means a lot because i hid a lot of myself or wasn’t allowed to be myself for years.

      look out for more in the future!

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