so, yeah, about my new therapist…

i was about to dip because she was late.
it was 9:10 am and my new therapist wasn’t there.
i was promptly there at 8:58 am for my first therapy assessment.
i’m (fashionably) late,
but a fox was one time for this go around.
at 9:20 am,
she finally arrived and by the time we ended the session

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The Universe is one of my most loyal goons

The Universe is always listening,
but we have to ask so the things we want will be given.
it has been hell looking for a new therapist.
i’ve sent countless emails and made some cold calls.

“Gone Til Next November”

so i told myself that i was gonna let it go.
i didn’t want to put any more pressure on my plate.
so i put it on the back burner and felt myself move on.
as i was checking emails today…

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accountability | november 1st, 2021

i’ve been feeling creatively retarded these last few days.
my mind has been on overdrive with everything i need to do.
i barely sleep because i’m constantly thinking of what’s next.
i’ve been trying to remember what dr. turner taught me.
on days that i have no creative energy,
i take a day(s) to figure things out.
i started my new journey in finding another therapist…

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we ended it today.

today is the last time we would be meeting up.
i’ve been sad about it for the last few weeks,
but it would be selfish of me to try to hold onto someone who needed to go.
i didn’t cry,
but i felt this joy with the idea of this new me getting back into the world.

Jamari Fox is back on the market.

he spoke so highly of me before we officially ended it…

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The Therapist That Is Obviously Invisible


well today was fun!
i wasn’t even going to write tonight,
but i figured i’d update the foxhole on the therapy appointment.
the one that never was
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Like Trying To Find A Therapist In A Haystack

lucythe doctor is actually out.
​do you know how hard it is to find a good therapist in new yawk?
i sent emails to 14 therapists my health ins takes.
some didn’t even respond to my foxy ass.
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