Sofa therapist isolated. couch psychologist. Vector illustration.

i really don’t like giving up.
that might be a gift and a curse when it came to people or jobs.
i’ve stuck around with filth way past its expiration date.
as you know,
ive been on the hunt for a new therapist.
every time i said i was gonna give up,
i’m led to a new direction in finding one.
i had my first assessment with a new one today and…

…annnnnnnnnd we won’t be jumping for joy just yet.

it’s like dating.
yeah he was great on the first meet-up,
and maybe i’m impressed he didn’t ask to sleep with me,
but let’s pump the brakes before i think he’s “the one”.
she did start out strong today,
being on time with 2 reminders via text.
she let me know when she was typing.
she wanted to know my pronouns,
more details about my past mental history,
how have i been feeling lately,
and an introduction to my upbringing.
standard therapy 101.
this time,
she is white and from brooklyn.

At this point,
I’m down for whoever will do the job.

so we shall see how this goes.
she did say she will follow my lead.
if i want homework,
she will provide it.
i agreed to it as it makes me feel more involved.
she gave me my first assignment to do for next week’s session.

“What do I want to accomplish in 6 months?”