The Therapist That Is Obviously Invisible


well today was fun!
i wasn’t even going to write tonight,
but i figured i’d update the foxhole on the therapy appointment.
the one that never was
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Like Trying To Find A Therapist In A Haystack

lucythe doctor is actually out.
​do you know how hard it is to find a good therapist in new yawk?
i sent emails to 14 therapists my health ins takes.
some didn’t even respond to my foxy ass.
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Do You Still Like Me Now? (My Broken Piece)

brokenbeyoncei always liked this beyonce song,
“save the hero”.
i think i mentioned that before.
the lyrics are a true testimony of my life.
you know the person who is always there for others,
acts like the super hero,
goes above and beyond to make sure they are okay,
keeps a great reputation,
but when the super hero goes home and takes their mask off…
who saves them?
i had someone who use to save me.
someone i felt comfortable to talk to and share myself with.
he has passed on and it has left me a complete mess.
my life is a fuckin mess.
do you still like me now?
i know people like living in a fantasy of others these days.
at least i have the balls to admit it.
a long piece ahead…

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Does This Look Like The Aura Of Someone Who Committed Suicide?

tumblr_mrxm35YwnR1sfxa5do10_400everyone is still talking about lee thompson young.
he committed suicide last week that left everyone baffled.
well someone posted a video that tries to trump the whole “depressed” thing.
it was a filmed a week before he killed himself….

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