Like Trying To Find A Therapist In A Haystack

lucythe doctor is actually out.
​do you know how hard it is to find a good therapist in new yawk?
i sent emails to 14 therapists my health ins takes.
some didn’t even respond to my foxy ass.
the rest all had the same answer


one told me i could go on their waiting list.
that shit doesn’t open up until october

is everyone in new yawk seeking help?

i been trying to work on my own issues tho.
reading a few books.
watching youtube videos.
being real on this site about how i’m feeling.
googling and bookmarking helpful articles and tips.
hell i been like mary jane and putting up post it notes.

bmj_head_shake_marryits not helping.
or maybe i’m doing something wrong?
i do want the help of a therapist tho.
i’m realizing that i can’t do this on my own.
i’ll keep looking.

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11 thoughts on “Like Trying To Find A Therapist In A Haystack”

  1. I had the same problem in my city. Most of them said they weren’t taking new clients.

    Then most of them looked like old republicans. Lol

    Where are the young Psychiatrists? There really isn’t money in it so thats why options are few.

    I may go back and get my counseling degree in 10 years and go on to become a Psychiatrist because there is definitely a need.

    Most rich people find Psychiatrists through word of mouth with their rich friends. Those Psychiatrists don’t have to advertise online.

    1. ^are you serious Jay?

      I need one of my celeb/rich foxholers to link me up with one of their therapist connects.

      you are right with the old republicans.
      i hit up all the black ones first,
      but they seemed the most popular.

      1. The thing is, certain Psychiatrists and therapists don’t want to take insurance. They want cash, check, or credit card and they can charge HUNDREDS on dollars. Imagine someone that comes 2-4 times a week. That’s a nice little weekly pay.

  2. Damn I had no idea they were that booked. Maybe you should ask close friends if they have any contacts or maybe ask the therapists that were so booked up if they could recommend someone not so busy.

  3. Bad news to hear all the therapists are booked. It seems that there is a lack of young people even considering becoming doctors in the profession. Psychology and other fields that deal with human services are the lowest paid positions out there.

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