Jussie Smollett Gets A Possible Upgrade In His Joints?

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 7.07.07 PMcan someone tell jussie he is lookin’ like a joint in ^that pic?
okay thanks.
well speaking of joints,
one of the f-bi sent me this article from mediatakeout today.
you know that forest always needs a receipt as well.
well it was a picture of jussie smollett and his alleged new joint.
take a look…

now if this is true,
my response:

e874799e-3724-4d8b-8629-48eefac4508fi always say once you “made it”,
they will cum.
so will you.

lowkey: once i make it,
baller wolves better be cummin.
me as well.
can i say how much i miss empire?

pictures taken: mediatakeout

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “Jussie Smollett Gets A Possible Upgrade In His Joints?”

  1. They’re both good looking… I hope this guy isn’t just with him BECAUSE he “made it” as opposed to being with him for HIM!
    Be careful of that J. People shouldn’t only notice you once you made it, you should be noticed well before that, once you make it that this becomes harder to tell…

    but thats probably my naivete speaking, the world doesn’t really work like that anyway… Shouldn’t stop you from having fun though haha, I know I would! LOL

    Well either way, I hope they both enjoy each other and have fun!
    Nothing but love for Jussie!

  2. Ok…what is up with the facial hair?! Between him and Russell Wilson with the facial hair…I’m gettin’ an instant woodie!! They are looking too good!! LOL

  3. I don’t believe MTO.Jussie spent several days in ATL.He attended Claudia Jordan’s bday party.He had brunch with his co stars.No sightings of this guy except at the UNCF gala.If MTO had inside info they would have posted his name.It’s possible this guy is afflilated with UNCF.There are also rumors that Jussie is dating his former co stars Rafael De La Fuente(Michael from Empire) and Dusin Ross (The Skinny).This is what happens when you are famous,everybody you are spotted with you are rumored to dating.The guy is cute though.

    1. Jussie Smollett strikes me as a guy who’s grounded, self assured, aware. Unlike some of the self righteous guys in the business, he comes across as appreciate, and approachable.. beautiful..

  4. Good for him!
    I’m happy he chose BLACK!
    Also I know when I make it they are going to come at me heavy!
    But I’m so in need of a man I’ll probably allow it *sad face*

  5. I have a feeling this isn’t true but if it by some small chance is ok is fine so good job Jessie

  6. I hope and praying to God that is his boo thang cause he is CUUUUTE!!!

    Lowkey: It time to see some gay black love

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