Does Britt McHenry Say Her Prayers With That Mouth?

Britt-McHenrywhat i don’t like are rude celebs.
nothing worse than a “d” list celeb with a nasty fuckin’ attitude.
well i’ve had the pleasure of meeting nice ones.
*knocks on wood*
espn reporter,
britt mchenry,
is the type of celeb i wouldn’t want to meet tho.
i don’t think she would be able to handle my mouth.
this is also why espn suspended her for a week…

gaspsee this is why you never know when you are being recorded.
kudos to the parking lot attendant for keeping her cool.
she ended up looking like the victim.
how nasty was she?
i won’t lie…
if she tried it with a black vixen from new yawk….
she would have probably gotten the “a$ap rocky” special:

new yawk is good for letting a bitch have it.
many have been humbled out here.
so she went on twitter to do what most do when they are caught up.


this is what she said:

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 7.56.16 PM…so an intense and stressful moment was paying for her car?
oh ok.
well if it helps her sleep at night.
next up:


everyone will be over it in no time.

lowkey: i bet her ass is going to be a gem for the rest of her life.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “Does Britt McHenry Say Her Prayers With That Mouth?”

  1. This little rude bisssh. Her attitude was so disgusting. I also hate that some people with a college degree think there better than others. I’m glad they got this on camera.

  2. Wow! What a bitch her attitude was horrible shame on her but that’s the nature of a snow queen in America self important,arrogant, and bitchy what a monster! Smdh.

      1. Oh sure she’s not the only one she just got caught you’ll be surprised by how some of your favorite celebrities have the most nastiest attitudes towards their inferiors lol!

        1. ^and see that’s sad because those same inferiors are buying their shit.
          I wonder how one turns like this and becomes nasty to people?
          this has to be learned behavior over time.
          they couldn’t have gotten in the door with these attitude…

          … Or maybe so.

      2. Well jamari your a smart man you don’t have to wonder and Stevie don’t either lol! Just look at her she’s white,pretty and female she’s been worshipped all her life that’s all she knows.

  3. This self-entitled, little bitch. How is she going to degrade somebody just because she has a college degree and is on television? I hope she doesn’t think that makes her better than anyone, because it does not. People like her are shocked when really bad things happen to them. Karma is a bitch.

  4. Them teef would’ve been right on the ground. I hate people like that and then she has the nerve to apologize. That heaux meant every word she said.

      1. Yeah, she meant every word..and she can keep that fake ass apology. The only reason she apologized is because her livelihood was threatened. You know she meant that shyt…and like sooooo many others, only apologized ’cause that ass got busted! LOL

    1. The nastiest and the rudest ones are usually the ones that have allowed themselves to be overcome by their new found celebrity..
      they are usually insecure, not sure of themselves and as such wonder what people see in them, and are as they would say in Jamaica, “a never see and come see” ie. They come from nothing so this new found fame has gotten to their head.
      trust there are lots like her, when I encounter the ones that act like that i tell them to their face and see their bubble burst.

  5. Its been reported that they tried to sell the footage at first. The clip has also been edited to make Britt look like the bad guy.

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