when someone puts more than their foot in your meal

^that meal looks delicious,
but after this following entry
so it’s about to be the start of potluck season in a few weeks.
i’ll be honest with you foxhole…

I was never with the “potluck” shit at jobs

you never know how people keep their homes,
especially their kitchens.
so my home vixen sent me the following video and i nearly gagged.
it’s a snow vixen who has an interesting way of cooking.
this isn’t for weak stomachs…
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I Want To “Grapefruiting” My Future Wolf Into a Sex Coma

i am so interested in this “grapefruiting” thing.
the werewolf in me has been awakened.
i had so many questions.
you know i did.

How does putting a grapefruit on my wolf’s pipe turn him on?

so i watched an interview with entertainment weekly” for the full details.
tiffany haddish explained it further…

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You Should Shut Your Contradicting Mouth.

sometimes i think it’s best to keep to your mouth shut.
have you noticed that those who speak up,
and are opinionated on social issues,
end up contradicting themselves somehow?
all these celebs and social media activists being exposed.
folks are shocked that they can contradict themselves.
it’s like…

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I Got It All Around My Mouth

tumblr_mgulhmoAQQ1rmia5bo1_500_largei could just die tonight.
simply drop dead and die.
okay fine.
i’m being dramatic as fuck,
but i’m really in my feelings right now…
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Does Britt McHenry Say Her Prayers With That Mouth?

Britt-McHenrywhat i don’t like are rude celebs.
nothing worse than a “d” list celeb with a nasty fuckin’ attitude.
well i’ve had the pleasure of meeting nice ones.
*knocks on wood*
espn reporter,
britt mchenry,
is the type of celeb i wouldn’t want to meet tho.
i don’t think she would be able to handle my mouth.
this is also why espn suspended her for a week…
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What That Mouth (Won’t) Do

tumblr_me794yovy21rwn4ito1_500one thing that drives me crazy is a dirt mouth.
have you ever met an attractive dude,
the outside was looking’ real good,
his pictures on instagram was on fleek,
but as soon as he opened his mouth,
it smelled like the garbage of a coroner’s office?
no bueno x’s 110.
mouth hygiene is very important in your daily interactions.
you can smell really good with your scent,
but that can trumped if your breath smells like straight dookie.
you know its real bad when you gotta use the word “dookie”.
now not every day will our mouth be “so fresh; so clean”,
but these are tips to avoid violating someone’s nostrils
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