You Should Shut Your Contradicting Mouth.

sometimes i think it’s best to keep to your mouth shut.
have you noticed that those who speak up,
and are opinionated on social issues,
end up contradicting themselves somehow?
all these celebs and social media activists being exposed.
folks are shocked that they can contradict themselves.
it’s like…

the black hotep wolf who parades around for black rights.
as soon as you find out he has a snow bunny hidden in the shadows,
his audience suddenly becomes completely over him.
 they can continue to speak out against all that is wrong,
but social media or google won’t make us forget.
i think that’s the issue.
the “said” part.

What really makes someone qualified to give their opinion nowadays?

maybe we need to stop saying shit?
if you can say it and not live up to the expectations with what you said.
we just need to keep “doing”.
actions speak louder than any words.
it’s like when someone tells you they are gonna fuck you good.
they create the expectation of bomb sex.
you are expecting to be fucked into the next dimension.
you believe it because that’s what being said to you.
it isn’t until you do it and realize it was all talk to get you into bed.

talk is cheap.
i’m all for being opinionated,
but sometimes,
some of us do need to shut the fuck up.
i like to remind everyone that i’m not perfect.
i could say something today that may change next week/month/or year.
life has a way of doing that.
as long as you can be honest with yourself,
and others,
then you can go unscathed.
some of these public figures tho and the choices they make…
you can throw shade being while being on a high horse,
but just remember so will all your choices/flaws/scandals/ too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “You Should Shut Your Contradicting Mouth.”

  1. Pill Cosby is one of the biggest disappointment I could think of. Judging the black community, and how he ranted about men that sag. Ain’t funny now he’s on trial all types of woman. Although jesse has a Becky I still can’t get over that beautiful speech he gave.

    1. If I SAW Mr. Cosby sexing 1% of these women, I’d still not call it rape. The so-called psychology of rape is centered around power over attraction, and I STILL don’t accept that these women weren’t hoes BEFORE they took the alleged pills. IDGAF! If I’m on the jury and he accused is a descendant of survivors of chattel slavery – NOT GUILTY.

  2. “What really makes someone qualified to give their opinion nowadays?”

    Those of us who a) directly experience said topic and/or b) who have the due diligence to do some research…nothing I abhor more than someone opening their trap on an issue they know nothing about and when criticized for their ignorance respond with, “it was just my opinion.”

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