It Might Feel Like Food Poisoning To Be A Stan and Get Unfollowed

in the song “stan” by eminem,
he points out the dangers of being obsessed with celebrities.

in 2017,
stan culture is prevalent than ever.
even ig attentionistos/nistas with no talent have stans.
to say the least.
well a stan of nicki minaj got unfollowed today.
a “barb” is what you call them.
they did the ultimate ” no-no”.
this is what they did via entertainment for breakfast

is it mean that i laughed?
this is why i “like” certain artists,
but i won’t be “go hard stanning” for them.
i don’t get a check to do pr.
i remember my home-vixen said something about beyonce.
the bey-stan at her job responded:

“Well bitch you fat and she shit on your life”

they nearly fought.
you throwing insults for someone you don’t even know.
is that the new wave in the forests?
i’d never.
as luck would have it,
remy ma saw the fiasco and tweeted about it:

all a mess.
┬áso folks will go hard for a celebrity they don’t know,
but someone you do know who is trying to pop,
they won’t even show support or go hard like they do a stranger.
sounds logical.
i’m all for cutting off those who don’t support me.
let that celebrity answer your ignored calls/texts/emails for me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “It Might Feel Like Food Poisoning To Be A Stan and Get Unfollowed”

  1. Man Stan culture is so dangerous. I use to be heavily involved. Especially when I would read that grape I was so involved I’m glad that I’m done with that part of my life.

      1. EXACTLY, J! These “artists” and I use that term loosely, don’t give two fucks about their fans.
        There was a time where if you met an artist they were gracious and kind. Now, these mofos will treat you like trash (case in point J Bieber/Chris Brown) and they still go hard for them. NOT!
        Treat me rudely, I’m done.

  2. I remember i used to go so hard for lady gaga then i saw how fucked up that was for me mentally so i stopped. Atm I stan in a way of i like the music and if the merch is cute I’ll probably buy into it.

    Im not doing the extra the fighting the attacks and etc but that’s tired as hell fighting over a person that wouldn’t give a Damn about me anyways is not good at all.

  3. The Bernadette Cadets are mentally unstable. A complete stranger has that much of your attention?

  4. Nicki is a real petty piece of work. Anywho stans are insane. ESPECIALLY the beyhive. Oh lord. I find it extremely hard to believe that stans and trolls lead productive lives off the net. Wishing disease, death and threatening folks all cause they don’t like a song. It is really getting out of hand.

  5. I dont do stan wars because i would drop str8 facts and make a Fleahive cry and a Mannequin melt in the microwave oven. In the words of Erica Mena ” YOU CAN’T HANDLE MY MOUTH MOTHERF*****!!!!”

  6. Just enjoy the entertainment that the entertainer is presenting. I miss the old days where the main focus was what people were presenting as entertainment. Now too much of these people’s lives are forced on us. Let get back to the talent being the focal point. As for Nicki Kim told y’all along time ago she wants to be the only one. Screw female competition or comridere she want to be the only one and probably feels like how dare you as a fan of mine say a female I have beef with looks pretty. Homegirl then had 8 years a the primary for female rappers. I think it is time for somebody new.

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